Trying New aids


I have tried new aids in the aid store but I couldn’t feel any obvious difference (more clarity or asking for repetition less etc). I tried Moment aids 110, 330

How long does it take to feel/notice (or/and hear) the difference after trying new aids?

Thank you!

You can ask your audiologist to do aided word recognition test, on both old and new hearing aids, and see, objectively, what the difference is.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that until I buy the new ones! The cost is quite high for me so I wanted to make sure before making the payment.

What is the return period for the aids? Usually adjustments and keep or return decisions occur between the purchase date and last date to return for refund.

Only two Weeks! I am not sure if this is enough time to try!

What state do you live in? State law requires a minimum of 30 days in almost every state. In some states it’s more.

If you’re not noticing any difference then there probably isn’t any. Certainly not enough difference to spend big bucks on.

Tell us your audiogram (or at least a description of your loss), and what aids you’re wearing now, and someone may be able to offer more detailed help.

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I’m in Egypt. And two weeks is the period I’m allowed to try the ears through!

Sorry to hear that. Two weeks is just not enough time.

Here is my hearing assessment.