Try to hear people in a an exam situation,

I live in the UK and have a pair of Phonak Nathos Nova hearing aids, the problem I have is not a Noisy enviroment, but a very quiet one. I run exams, so no one talk at a normal level, but whispers.

I been to the audiologist three time so see if they can change the settings, with out much success.

They have suggested that I get a Roger ON microphone.which I can point.

Has anyone else has these sort of problems.


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Hey MickJ, hope you’re ROCKIN’ the Phonaks!

Funny you should mention the exam room hearing challenge. I used to GROAN with frustration due to “morning voice”. Ever notice how when folks first get up in the morning they mutter and mumble and barely speak UP? Well, that was a BIG problem before I wore aids.

However, “whisper voice” is not the same as “morning voice”. It’s evern MORE challenging due to the lack of enunciation and the frequency it comes out at. Hey, even if someone whispers in my aided ear, I may not hear what’s being said unless they find the “sweet spot” of my aid’s mic!

So, my guess is that you’ll either have to live with the challenge or walk around to get closer to the people. That’s where the Roger mic comes in handy. It can be pointed at someone.

So if folks have a question during the exam that they WHISPER to you, just hold up a hand to STOP them. Then walk over with your Roger and say, “What is it?” That will just about guarantee that you’ll hear exactly what they’re asking.

GOOD LUCK with a solution and let us know what works for you.