TruHearing and Fed BCBS


Been a rough year of trying to figure out how I can afford hearing aids. Found TruHearing and getting ReSound Quattro 7 with rechargeable battery’s for 800 out of pocket. I’m so happy


Congratulations! If there are any Federal employees or retirees on the forum who are looking for hearing aids, please check with your insurance carrier to see if they will pay a benefit for HAs.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employee Plan partners with TruHearing. TruHearing signs up independent audi practices and negotiates a discounted price for HAs. And then BCBS pays a significant benefit for HAs once every three calendar years.
You can also use the BCBS benefit (but not TruHearing) for Costco HAs. With Costco you have to pay for the HAs up front and then be reimbursed by BCBS. You could pay for the Costco HAs with a credit card and then use the BCBS reimbursement to pay down most of the credit card balance you incurred by buying the HAs.
It’s certainly worth making a few phone calls if you think you might need HAs. And it might be worth switching your health plan to BCBS Federal in open season.