Trouble with Widex TV-DEX

After a long wait due to back orders, I just got mine for my Fusion 440. I set it up, charged it and just tried it. When I select the “room off” it actually turns my hearing aids off. It’s supposed to shut out sounds from another room so you can hear the TV. I don’t think turning off the hearing aids was how it was supposed to work. The up, down buttons, raise nothing. Tried to turn it off and a voice just says that it’s in the Extender program (repeated twice). Did the audi do something wrong or is there something I’m missing? I love the Bluetooth feature but this TV Dex is really disappointing as I was looking forward to trying it out. Any Widex users in the house?


I have the Widex Fusion 440’s and actually have two TV dex’s. Both work great (although the range is limited). You should hear a tone when you ge the TV dex in range and then the TV sound will come thru. The “room off” button turns your microphones off, but let’s the TV sound still play in your hearing aids. The up and down buttons adjust the TV volume. When you turn it off, you will go back to program number one, (which is "master"for me). Sounds like you have the audibility extender program in slot number one, so when you shut the tv dex off, you go back to “audibility extender”. And yes, I will hear master twice when turning off the tv dex, basically one time from each aid.

Do you hear the TV at all when the TV Dex is on?

I’m clearly experiencing something different. With the room off, I hear a noise, but no sound. I had to turn it off to hear the TV again, and I’m not getting the up and down buttons to work on the volume either. I hear a tone but I notice nothing different. I don’t think it’s working as it really shouldn’t be that hard to use it. No, I’m not hearing anything magical with the Dex. :confused:

Holy crap!! I just can’t believe it…I was so disappointed so that I just started playing around with it. This morning, I obviously needed to charge it eight hours so after looking around the TV for the outlets, I couldn’t figure it out and gave up. It’s charged by now, so I played around some more and moved where I have the outlets. I have a large tube TV and when I put the outlets behind the TV again, God did I get sound…:eek: This is awesome! I’m loving these hearings now…the only thing I need to deal with is the slight annoying feedback in my right ear. Other than that, I’m happy…:smiley: