Trouble connecting my Easytek to my samsung s10e phone

I’ve managed to pair them and the easytek appears on my bluetooth page as paired. But when I try to connect, the blue light on my easytek blinks and the message on my phone says “connecting”. After a short while the message on the phone is “can’t connect”. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Have you tried forgetting it and re pairing it after a reboot of the phone

Thank you. I just tried that and successfully paired the Easytek audio streamer again. But it still says “couldn’t connect”. Any ideas?

I use neither Easytek nor Samsung phone. I use several bluetooth devices at home and at work.

I had a device, that needs to stay connected to iPad mini when I use it. When I had a new iPad mini, and tried to connect it to the device, they couldn’t connect. The manual says I need to factory reset the device if the device cannot connect to a new iPad mini for the first time.

You may have to factory reset the Easytek.