Transear experience - good so far :)


Finally got my Transear last month. So far, so good!

For a week or two, I wasn’t sure I could tolerate it - it seemed to randomly hurt, off and on all day. Would be fine for a long time, then suddenly feel very uncomfortable, or even painful. But I got used to it and that doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Took a lot of getting used to inserting and removing it too - thought at first I’d never get the hang of it. I’m pretty quick at it now, though it still takes a minute, and some gentle fiddling, to get it aligned just right to slip in.

It works well - so nice to hear on that side again! Far fewer people “sneaking up on me”, for one thing :wink:


^^^^ That is GREAT news! What make & model did you end up with? Yes, it does take practice to insert any kind of aids! I had SO MASTERED the ITC aids from decades of practice. In a pitch-black room, I could put those puppies in just by feel.

But now I have Oticon Opn RIEs, with the mic unit behind the ear and a dome at the end of a wire to insert into my ear canal. ACK it was impossible to do this without standing in front of a mirror, sweating profusely with agitation, for a good 4-6 weeks!

You mentioned that your transears HURT off and on, and this is not out of the ordinary at all. Part of that is fit (which I hope is a GOOD one for you), but part of it is just the correct insertion. When the aids are seated correctly, there should be NO pain - and you should be completely unaware that they’re in unless you make a face or somehow maneuver your ears in talking, etc.

I have finally figured out how to insert my domes for the greatest comfort: I have to pull down gently on my ear lobe, then carefully poke the double-domes into my ear canal so they fill the entire “doorway”. With my loss, a perfect seal and NO leakage is paramount. I can sort of do this without a mirror, but sometimes I get the receiver wedged against my ear canal and then … PAIN by day’s end.

Hope you continue to adapt to and enjoy your new aids. Just curious: how do you manage on the phone?


I hear you about the mirror; I still need it and probably will go on needing it :slight_smile: The Transear also has a behind the ear portion, and the HUGE in the ear portion (which fills the whole ear, really), connected by the wire. I use the bathroom mirror and a partially open medicine cabinet door (with mirror) to see the side of my head.

There’s only the one aid in my case; that’s the cool thing about it, that I don’t need two like with CROS. The in the ear portion puts the vibrations into the skull and they travel to the good inner ear.

You’re right, correct insertion was very important in it not hurting anymore (along with just getting toughened up and used to it). When I did have trouble inserting it, things would just get banged up, since the in the ear part is so huge. I’m sure that didn’t help :slight_smile:

You asked about the phone. Since I only have the one aid, I just use the phone with my “good” ear (which is good on paper, though has a slight distortion in sound).

I use headphones with a microphone at work for remote meetings; they are earmuff style and the left one just sits over my left ear and aid, though since the aid mike is above the ear I don’t think I’m really getting any significant sound with it then.


Hi–Considering the Transear for single-sided deafness. Are you still happy with it? Any negatives?



Hi andreasimonson. Yes, I am still happy with it!

Now … I will say it has been “in the shop” twice, and each time it had to go back to the manufacturer. Which took 2-3 weeks round trip.

But … when I have it, it works great! :wink:


We have opted to wait for now, but good to know it’s a reasonable option. Thx for response. Andrea


Hi - two questions if you don’t mind.

Was the Transear covered by insurance? And what was the cost?

Thanks in advance.