Tips to keep CIC aid in ear?

Ok, my audiologist is trying hard to find a way to keep my right aid from constantly working its way out of my ear canal. He’s had them re-made 3 times now. The left is staying in place pretty good, but the right continues to be a problem. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Not to sure what it is called but some people have a condition where you can feel your jaw in your ear when you speak and chew etc. Most people with this condition, find wearing moulds/ cic aids hard work as they keep coming out.

I would suggest a RIC but that would get the invisible crowd (cic aren’t really invisible) all worked into a frenzy again.

Does your audi have you chewing gum or opening and closing your mouth when they are making the impression? If not it might help. I too say if you can’t get the CIC to stay put go for a RIC, they are probably more invisible than your CIC’s anyway. Good luck!

I would say if you are on your 4th mold (orig +3) it’s time for plan B.

I tried RIC. They won’t stay in either. If I could find one that has a bendable wire that holds it’s shape better, maybe. I don’t know if there is such an animal though.

I had a Starkey CIC (Destiny) and it was so loose it actually fell out of my ear. My audiologist had Starkey put a little foot extension on it. It was on the bottom of the CIC and extended out away from the CIC. I think it just gave it more area touching the ear, and it worked.

It was hard plastic and it was like it was melted/welded into the plastic case of the hearing aid.