Tinnitus and hearing tests

The very first hearing test I did, I didn’t have too much of an issue with my tinnitus, but by the time I got around to the one they did for my hearing aid programming, my tinnitus was rediculously loud. It made for a difference in my test results by about 30 decibels at1000 hz. I asked about retaking the test, with something to differ tones from the noise in my head, but they swore I didn’t need that. Would tinnitus play with your results like that?

I’m no audiologist, but I’ve had moderate tinnitus in both ears since I was 14. I swear it interferes with the tonal tests when getting an audiogram, cuz my type of tinnitus is a musical tone (like middle “C” or something). So, when the tones are playing, I don’t hear tones in the same range, and ALL tones are simply not heard below a certain volume cuz … I’m only hearing that MUSIC playing in my head! It’s very frustrating. Years ago, I used to “cheat” on the test, and since I kind of new the timing in between test notes, I’d stab a finger in the air like I heard 'em.

Well, flash forward to about 15 years ago, and I simply don’t give a DAMN anymore. I have a running joke with my aud-guy that “You know that my tinnitus tones are making me FAIL this test, don’t you?” To which he always humors me with a smile. But we both know: that’s the point! I can’t hear tones at a lower volume or in certain frequencies thanks to my tinnitus!

Luckily, it never keeps me awake at night, and has not driven me MAD yet. Even better, it’s absolutely the case with me that wearing aids diminishes the competition with my tinnitus tones. Instead, volumes all around me in the external world are louder (for the most part) than those tones. Altho, as I peck this reply out, I am humming middle “C”. < : - /

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My tinnitus gives a constant tone. So I do all my hearing tests with a beeping (on and off) tone. Thus I can distinguish between the tinnitus tone and the hearing-test-tone.

This won´t work, of course, if your tinnitus is beeping, too.

My tinnitus is much worse during hearing tests.

^^^ Funny! I wonder if tinnitus is also a stress-driven perception? Altho, I have to say that changes in weather alter my tinnitus. When the weather finally turns hot, I get a half day or so of “BONG! BONG! BONG-BONG-BONG!” But when it turns cold, I get a range of tones all overlapping with each other. I wish there was some supplement (niacin? gingko?) that I could try to see if it diminished. Biofeedback? I’ve never tried that. Acupuncture? Would love to know!

Best option for me is put the aids ON, and get OUT and about where other ambient sounds mask that middle-C note I tend to hear non-stop.

In my recent test, I found myself second guessing - trying to determine which of the high tones were my own tinitus and which were the actual test tones. I never thought I’d get confused with it, but sure enough I found this to be the case.

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That being said, the test booth is quiet. Most people will develop tinnitus if they are left in the booth for a long time even if they didn’t have it before.

like mosmost people that sit on the throne too long will get hemorrhoids!!