TinniTool EarLaser any good?

Hi everyone,

did any of you ever tried this tool ? Does it work or is it another way to got money from people ? I find it very expensive for just a small device, but if it would work wouldn’t mind to invest into this … Has anyone any experience with it so far ?




an “independent” review

see how it works section

it regenerates hearing cells (which at this point is impossible)

so my guess is no it does not work

I’ve seen this kind of tests on the net, but I wonder if anyone here has ever tested it ? I’m more looking from user feedback here. So if they offer money back, why would they ever release something that doesn’t work ?

Just wanted to pop up and say that I am a user of tinnitool. It’s not an actual cure but I have definitely seen improvements. However, I had tinnitus only in one ear and it was the result of trauma (firecrackers). I don’t know if it works for people with different etiology! I explain my story in full detail here. I would be happy to answer anyone’s questions :slight_smile:

I’ve gone to acupuncture for 2 visits in the past week and I mentioned my tinnitus. They have a tool just like this (not sure if it is the same brand), but in 2 sessions I’ve noticed no change in my tinnitus.

“Soft Laser”? EUR420? Maybe a laser pointer for $10 would do the same? I think an industrial laser would be out unless one can already see thru to the other ear. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how long this device has been on the market, but I imagine that if it DID make a dramatic improvement in tinnitus, many ENTs would be using it already. I’ve had ringing tinnitus in both ears since the age of 14, and believe me, I’d LOVE to try such a wand. But I would not want to buy one, and I’d need more assurance that it was safe to use (and wouldn’t cause “collateral” damage to other cells) when beamed into my ear.

I recall way back in the '80s when radio host Paul Harvey would promote ginko biloba for tinnitus! I tried those pills for YEARS and … p’haps no surprise, I can hum my tinnitus tone right now if y’like: middle-C with occasional BONGING when the weather changes.