Time for new aid for a long time user

been wearing my aid over 40 years and have not really updated to the newer technology. Ive been wearing sumo xp for the past couple years. I also have a dynamo sp4 that I use as a backup. Not a fan of the dynamo after the audi programmed it and basically said oh well thats all I can do. I purchased the sp4 on my own after she recommended it to me.

anyway I also have phonak superfront ppc2 and ppc4. I like those too.

I want to update to newer aid. I do not necessarily want the latest or the greatest. I would like a bluetooth and iphone capability

another audi recommended the chili sp5 for 1500.00!!!

any thoughts of the naida or similar?

here is my hearing loss report

250 - 100
500 - 100
1000 - 95
2000 - 90
3000 - 95
4000 - 100
6000 - 105
8000 - 95

Never have heard of those HA’s. Do you know who makes them ?


Phonak Naida UP would be a good choice. Or test out Oticon Xceed BTE UP.

I think you should research these hearing aids before buying anything.
I used to wear Chili’s sp7 & Dynamo’s sp8. These are old, outdated. You cannot buy these anymore. At least not new.
I’m not understanding why your audi would want to sell you outdated hearing aids.
Maybe these are used ??
I currently wear xceed 2 hearing aids from Oticon.

Can your Xceed 2 HA connect with Iphone. Receiving calls directly into the Xceed HA? Talk directly into the iphone mic but not speaking openly (capture by HA mic then to Iphone). Your kind reply & Thanks.

I do not have iphone, but I would imagine they do.

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I think Phonak naida marvel would be a good compromise for price and performance as it superceded by paradise and lumity. If you could diy they are available online.

anybody have experience with the Naida Paradise P30 UP? that’s the one i’m looking at

Yes I have them. Music is very good using the tv connector, particularly base,I have molds with tiny vents.
Normal situations using autosense are proving difficult to dial out (I’m diy). I have an overall sense of seashell echo which is disappointing. I’m going to an audi next month so that may help.
I find using the app for streaming annoying compared to the compilot, it takes time and is limited ymmv.
Battery life is 6/7 days.