Thinking of buying Roger Focus and Roger Pen

I lost my job thanks to covid. So really thinking of just buying the roger focus receivers and pen. Found a set that would come to 630$ canadian shipping included. That about 360$ us. So i just have some questions. Ive read all the posts i can think of on buying on ebay but this is not really hearing aids as there is no programming involved. Would u do it if that was the case. Im terrified of getting one that is made in chjna fake. Also do you think the focus receivers can be hooked up to noahlink or some programming device. I would love to change max output. Thanks

@Zebras has more experience with these than anyone I know of. She can probably tell you exactly what you need.
I could take a look a Target, might figure something out.

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My husband wants me to go for the costco in Ottawa. He says knowing how tech savvy u are u would probably learn software and program ha better then audio. Lol. :slight_smile: Awwwwwwww.

No you won’t be able to hook them up to the Noahlink. The max volume is 20 dB.

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I bought my Roger Focus off eBay from this seller. They came with a 2018 serial number. I managed to get Electric green colour.


I just got a roger pen 1.1 brand new in box . A demo set for 150 us !!! Still looking for a good focus :slight_smile:


Ebay is risky and of course no warranty. Furthermore the roger pen is a very expensive accessory that does not have a great track record among users. But if you’re still game to test the roger pen, I test it through a HA dealer. If it doesn’t prove worthy you should be able to return at no cost. And if by chance it does improve things (you can still return during trial period) and possibly buy cheaper online.

@hold4triple thanks. I have tested Roger pen for almost 3 weeks now. Love it. Don’t know how to live with out it. It’s 833$ here. Found this one new in box for 250 shipping included. So I’m really excited! Im still debating between waiting for pandemic lock down to be over and test real hearing aids with pen or just get Roger focus receivers. I just lost my job and since we don’t know when this will end… I’m thinking to go for Roger focus on eBay at 400$ a pair. Total of 700 instead of 3400 or worse 4800 for hearing aid plus receivers. If Roger focus 2500$ with pen from a local place. eBay still cheaper by far as at 700$for Roger focus and pen


As the Roger Focus is not a hearing aid, it’s less likely to fail so less likely to need repair. (There’s always a risk tho.)

I guess because of that, your eBay buy won’t be as risky.

Just a side note, I’ve bought hearing aids off eBay since 2011, about 6 pairs and they’ve never needed repairs.


So i did it. I purchased the Roger focus :slight_smile: from eBay. I’m trusting many experienced buyers here. :slight_smile: Unfortunately delivery is between 4 april to 4 may. I hope it’s not that long.

I just could not see myself with out Roger focus or hearing aids and pen. Our Gvmt has extended social isolation, closing of all non essential stores and mandatory orders for dentists and other health professionals are for emergency only and its till May 1st. I also lost my job and that means 1 less revenu. I work in a school as a school nurse. Schools are closed and there is talk until next September. I feel terrible as the guy who let me try out the focus was amazing and awesome at customer service but i don’t have 2500.

As @Raudrive told me. Maybe living with focus for a while then eventually when life gets back to normal and i have extra, going for hearing aids if they work for me.


I was wondering how the Rodger Pen works in a noisy environment. When it connects to your HA do the HAs shut off other noise coming into the HAs receiver? If not wouldn’t I still hear the noisy environment coming into my HAs as well as the speech coming into my HAs from the Rodger Pen?

I know the answer to your question but I’m not talking from experience only from research.

So u can have both depending on HA. U can have it so that as soon as HA is connected to Roger pen it turns off volume of HA mic. Or u can have some program, at least on the marvel ha, that make the mic on ha become omni but makes the roger pen louder. This gives u directionality cause u can pinpoint a speaker while still hearing colleagues in a board meeting. U can even have it so that mic on ha becomes directional where u are looking at cause of the ultra zoom feature, ur roger pen adds to this. U can also adjust manually the volume of pen because u can make the volume button on ha control the roger pen when its connected and streaming from it. To change volume of mic output on ha in this context u would use the mobile app.

As for the pen working in loud environment this is my experience:
Wonderful in most areasl!!! and terrible but ok in one situation in particular, loud music.
So i went ice skating. There was music so loud. If I leave pen on when no one is talking the volume of music is so loud it hurts my ears. But i can hear my daughter talk. So i would pause it and when she talks unpause it. When my daughter talks i hear her super well and it tones down the music a bit, enough for me to hear her but still not enough for my taste. But thats in extremely loud situations. I still can finally hear my daughter. I had it on pointer mode so it’s the most directionally focused setting. Its frigging awesome that i can hear her. Usually this is tantrum situation for sure

I also tried it on metro, transportation, car, mall, lunch with colleagues and at my office at work one on one with patients who speak very low or have foreign accents. Our metro is so loud. Its loud but a loud humming. Not like music. Pen turns that sound off and focuses on speech. So i can hear my kids and husband whispering. Its just perfect for me. It was perfect in every single one of those situations. I can walk outdoors and hear ppl in back of me. Its fabulous cause I am never part of a conversation when walking. Ever! I can’t hear ppl when walking especially if they are not looking at me!

I dont wear ha. if you look at my audiogram there’s barely any loss. But i suffer from speech recognition in noise. I need extreme performance. I cannot hear my 4 year old if tv is on or someone is talking at the same time or outside with cars passing. Its really bad. Its exhausting. Actually i do hear, i just dont know what they are saying. It gets mixed up… With this i can hear in any situation. Any situation. I prefer the pointer mode and manually select it when at dinner cause if i place it down it will automatically go on omni mode. Dont like omni. Only time i use omni is when i need to listen to kids upstairs while am downstairs. Everyone in my house hears but not me. So that has been a blessing too.

Hope this helps


Editing again and again and again. Mot very good st clarity. Was this clear?

I position the pen sometimes on my husband. In public i point at them. So if im at a cash register i can just discreetly point it from my hip level towards their mouth. Some notice it a bit. I just say its a mic to go in hearing aids. Outside im always holding it or its on my husband. I can be as far as 15 meters and it still works. Only person i place mic up close is my daughter Melo as it helps her calm down because she knows im listening very carefully. During dinner when we are 6 ppl at a table, i place it on a corner pointing towards the other corner and manually put it on lanyard mode or pointer mode. No omni!!! It gets everyone. :slight_smile: Just to add info to help others make a choice.


Hi Nikita,
Wow! Super explanation. Your as good as Dr Cliff aud! That really cleared up my decision to purchase a Rodger Pen when I also go for the Phonak Audeo Marvel M90. I do a lot of socializing at American Legion, Elks, and am President of our community association and it’s embarrassing how often I can’t hear people. When I get home sometimes my wife will tell me that I answered someone’s question by saying yes, when I should have answered their question. LOL.
Thanks again for taking so much of your time to help me.

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well, im glad i can help. :slight_smile: I thought i was so unclear and keep trying to make my msg clearer. :slight_smile: i really love the roger pen. maybe other ppl have had problems with it, but maybe either they were not expecting what it does or maybe not using it properly. i have had no problems except in music situations. oh and i know your marvels have blue tooth, but the base for the roger hooks up to any tv or music to strewam while being plugged in. :slight_smile: thats cool , i dont need subtitles anymore.

Not to confuse things but if you’re dealing with groups at a table, some prefer Roger Select instead of Roger Pen. And be warned, either Pen or Select with Marvel is pricy.


yup. i was specifically talking about pen. i have no knowleds on select. it looks like a fabulous product to eventually have for meal times. seriously.

also i just ordered a brand new roger pen on ebay in box for 250 dollars canadian. so like 150 us!!! :slight_smile: here a roger pen is worth 833 canadian so im happy

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If you view Phonak’s website pictures of the Roger Select placed on a table - the table is completely bare. That tells me anything placed in between the Roger Select and the connecting user might interfere with the Roger Select performance. So I wouldn’t expect this device to work at a dinner table if there were items placed around it that would block the microphone or signal/connection between the device and users hearing aid.

Last thing you need to do is spend a ton of money on some device and then have a napkin holder, pitcher of liquid, table glasses, salt/pepper shaker, etc. blocking the Roger Select microphone or line of sight thus rendering the device useless.

Do your homework before you buy HA accessories. If you don’t you might pay the price if no 100% return policy.

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@hold4triple have u tried it? Why are u so angry with my experience?

I am in a family of 5. We are very often 6. I dont have restaurant stuff in the middle of my table but i can assure u there are glasses, ketchup, sometimes other little stuff here and there and i have not seem that affect it. Of course i dont place the pen directly behind a glass cup. But of a cup is in ots trajectory further up it has not caused any problems. I try to place it at a diagonal angle to catch everyone but of someone is speaking really low i will place it in his direction. Maybe my hearing is not profoundly affected and so im picking up other sounds. Maybe someone who is profoundly deaf will not see the roger as helpful in this situation. But it seems to me that if hearing is affected then putting ha on directional hearing and using Roger mic would be just awsome .

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