Thinking about buying from HearSource?


I like the idea of programming myself. Anyone out there doing this? Any criticism of HearSource? grant


I have one of their BTE/RIC aids. I purchased the 2nd microphone option. It works very well and the quality is excellent. I really enjoy using their software. The instructions are detailed and technical support is only a phone call away. For me, they have been everything they say on their website.

I am a school teacher and work in environments that can go from quiet to extremely noisy in rapid succession. I wanted a remote control. HearSource does not yet offer a remote control. So I went with Rexton through a program recommended by my insurance company.

Others on the form use HearSource. If you perform a search you should be able to find other experiences.



I have worn ITC aids for 10 years and I just had a bad trial with Phonak aids. I am currently (for the past week) trying the HearSource FreeStyle open aids. I have the directional microphone & telecoil options.

HearSource is a small company. The website says they will call you, but email or calling them works best for me. The ship in 3 to 5 working days after you place your order.

I have had one coaching call with support. They were very patient in explaining the software and adjusting things. I called support due to feedback issues and they are sending me some different style domes to try.

This is probably not much help, but it is another experience.


I too was interested in the self programming of my hearing aids. I purchased two hearing aids from HearSource a couple years ago and I also bought the programming kit. I have been very happy with the hearing aids, programming kit and the staff at HearSource.


Years ago I ended up returning HearSource aids because neither i nor they could get them to work well for me at that time.
The hearing aids just did not have the needed software & feedback avoidance features I required. They were less expensive for a reason - They were also very less capable than name brand aids.


To each their own prodigyplace. I have used them for several years now and I like them VERY much. And most importantly, I hear well with them and have received excellent support from the HearSource staff.


i have been trying to get them to return my questions from there site and so far after 6 months of asking i have not had one return email. so are they actually in business anymore or do they not return questions asked from there site. i have even use the info email and nothing. so doe anyone have an email to a person that works there? i want to make sure they will work with my loss.

also for the people here that have them can yo tell me if they will take the higher frequencies like 6k and 8k and move that down some to lower frequencies like 4k to 6k. when i get to 6k and in 8k all i hear are clicks and buzzes. so trying to make the sounds in those frequencies are useless to me. some say other brands can do that but if the hearsource brand can do it that is better as far as cost and letting me adjust them myself.

i have even searched for youtubes showing the hear source brand and i have not found any that are newer than like 5 years ago. the last one i found has a real old software program they show using. the newer software is way different. thanks