The ReSound Smart 3D App Now Extremely Snappy on Apple WatchOS 10

I think the snappiness is just a function of an improved Apple WatchOS and has nothing to do with ReSound per se (although the app has a reputation as one of the more responsive smartphone HA apps).

I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro Max and the original Apple Watch Ultra, so I have a very responsive smartphone/smartwatch combo. But with WatchOS9 and iOS 16, sometimes there could be a bit of a lag in launching the Smart 3D app on my Apple Watch and in swiping between screens. Now everything is pleasingly quick. I don’t believe the app has failed to launch and gotten hung up anytime I’m around my iPhone under WatchOS 10. I use a watch face “complication” to launch the Smart 3D app so access to the app is always available by touching a spot on my watch face.

The ability to control my HA’s via my watch and not have to pull out my phone to manually switch between modes (All-Around vs. the UltraFocus highly directional beam-forming mode) was a consideration in choosing ReSound HA’s. So, it’s gratifying to see the usefulness of my watch substantially improve with the WatchOS upgrade. I’d say everything is snappier about my watch function in WatchOS 10 vs. 9. YMMV.

Unfortunately, the iOS 16 to iOS 17 upgrade did not improve the ReSound Omnia iPhone separation problem in which Omnias seem to lose BT connectivity with an iPhone if you spend any significant time far away from your iPhone. That’s going to affect watch control of the HA’s and streaming. To regain connectivity when lost, one has to reboot a disconnected HA.

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