The Oticon Connect Clip Scam

To the OP -> can you clarify what you mean by the ConnectClip now lasting only 2 hours a day for you? Is it just a combination of streaming and standby? If you stream only, how long does it last?

Below is what it says about how long it should last. Sounds like 4 hours of streaming total.

I also have owned a ConnectClip for about a year now. I don’t use it all day everyday, but I do use it fairly often to stream shows from either my laptop or my smart phone. I do notice that it’s seemed to not last as long as before, but I usually can still run a good few hours of streaming from it, maybe 2 to 3 hours. But I’ve had it die on me unexpectedly for several occasions now due to low battery.

If you do decide to fork out another $250 to buy another ConnectClip, maybe next time be mindful and return it for warranty just shortly before the warranty expires and ask for a new one due to severely reduced battery life. At least you’ll be able to get 2 years of use out of your $250 like they advertised.

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I agree that the ConnectClip should have an audio input so it can be used without a bluetooth transmitter on airplanes.

My audi gave me the Connectclip for free 6 months ago when I was using an Android phone. I only charged it once and used it maybe three times. It has been back in the box since I started using an iPhone after that. Hmm… should I charge it once a while?

Either that or sell it to me. Seriously, I don’t think going flat is good for a lithium battery.

It’s best to store lithium ion batteries at 50% charge for long term storage. It wouldn’t be good to keep it fully charged or fully depleted in storage. I don’t think lithium ion has a fast self discharge rate when sitting unused, unless it has some kind of monitoring electronics strapped to it that causes a drain on the battery.

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I’m very happy to report that Oticon acknowledged their error in saying in their FAQ, that the Connect Clip could be sent in to have the battery replaced.

Accordingly, they are addressing that issue and have sent me a brand new Connect Clip.

Thank you Irene from Oticon,



Ahhh - maybe Oticon Management monitors the “posts” here and finally saw the forest for the trees.

Well this is really interesting, @cop704. My ConnectClip user manual also says that I should return it to the supplier if battery replacement is needed. If the batteries are not replaceable, then I agree this is false marketing. Those of us who shelled out $250 for the Connect Clip expected to have the clip last a long time and be able to have the batteries replaced. Who is “Irene” at Oticon? Maybe Oticon should offer ALL of us who bought ConnectClips brand new devices. This is another example of a product problem that Oticon doesn’t seem to acknowledge publicly until someone complains about it on this Forum. I suppose they will quickly edit their ConnectClip user manuals to say that the batteries are not replaceable, but that doesn’t help those of us who bought the Clip under false info. I hope that Oticon will make this right for me and others too. Hey “Irene from Oticon”–how about it?

The crazy thing is the battery replacement would be a simple fix. I took my connect clip apart. One small screw in the back, pop it open. A single soldered in battery. Looks like it may be proprietary made by a Chinese Company named Synergy.

The battery model number is AHB451730PC.

I google searched it but could not find it available. It is mounted inside with double sided tape. Carefully prying it loose. A small soldering iron unsoldering two wires and resoldering the new battery and 5 minutes and the battery is replaced, easy as can be.

Simple easy fix. Not involved and certainly a service Oticon should provide.


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@cop704, I’m glad you are getting a new ConnectClip from Oticon, but I wouldn’t try to take mine apart, as that voids the warranty. The point is, Oticon states in their ConnectClip user manual that the battery is replaceable if the Clip is sent back to them… They need to stand behind that, or issue refunds or new devices to those who bought a ConnectClip thinking that the battery could be replaced. There is no excuse for not standing behind the claims made in their user manual and FAQ brochure. It’s just bad business all around.

I burned mine down about 12 years ago… (was in bad shape…hadn’t actually been used for about 25 years prior to that.)

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I live in a natural forest and all of the trail heads here have them. Sure they are the more modern ones that they come by and clean up and deodorize.

You dont know when its in 50% charged. :slight_smile: OticonOn doesn’t show the battery level of connectclip anything. Why don’t?

200mAh … weak, very weak.


But it has a connector so battery change is not impossible! Oticon sucks money!

@cop704, For the benefit of myself and others who bought the Oticon ConnectClip believing that the batteries could be replaced–can you possibly explain how you got “Irene from Oticon” to replace your ConnectClip free of charge? Did she reach out to you after seeing your post here, or did you get a response from her through your audiologist? Did Irene send the replacement clip to you directly, or did you have to file a warranty and replacement claim through your audiologist? Did “Irene” state how Oticon plans to address the issue? Thanks.

I went to their Facebook page and messaged them with the fact that their FAQ says the battery is replaceable but when I tried to arrange for service they said I would have to buy a new one. If that was the case that is what their literature should say. Buyers can not make an informed buying decision if they are lured into buying a product that has incorrect and misleading information. -Doc

@cop704, I agree with you… I think it’s bad marketing to lead customers to think that the batteries can be replaced and then say “Oh sorry, no they can’t–you have to buy a new device.” I just wondered how you managed to get a new ConnectClip sent to you by Oticon. It seems that Facebook did the trick for you. Frankly, I think that expecting customers to contact them via Facebook reflects poorly on Oticon. I contacted them through their so-called Customer Service “contact us” email address, and I was told that I should go back to my audiologist. If they sent you a new ConnectClip directly because you complained online, they should do the same for all of us bought into their marketing deception that ConnectClip batteries could be replaced. End of rant. :slight_smile:

I had already been to my audiologist and tried to send it back, he called Oticon and that is when he was told that they did not replace the battery and I would have to buy a new one. So I went ahead and ordered a new one through my audiologist. Who, by the way, was very fair about taking care of me, and also was concerned that they would not replace the batteries as advertised. I then complained via the Facebook message. I was contacted and they told me that the Connect Clip I had ordered and paid for would be supplied free of charge and my audiologist would credit back my debit card for what I had paid. Which he did. So I hope that is a little more clear. I too, was originally told to go see my audiologist. The Connect Clip was not sent direct to me. -Doc

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