The design of the Phonak Roger Select

Does anyone use the Bluetooth on the Roger Select?

Am I right in thinking the design is not good if you need to access the Bluetooth button (or even the pairing button) on the back as you’re always having to take off the lanyard or clip.

The lanyard and clip will eventually break with all this taking on and off.

I’m trying to help my friend with the Select and Bluetooth as she has older Aids.

She doesn’t want to upgrade. Her Aids are the Phonak Nathos S+ SP so Naida S V SP.

She’s insistent on not upgrading / asking for new Aids.

She doesn’t have the ComPilot and doesn’t want one as she likes to keep her belongings to a small amount.

Or is there a way to attach the lanyard / clip and still have access? I might of not just noticed.

Oh hang on, turning the Select off will also turn off the Bluetooth so battery will not drain.

Am I right?

So you don’t need access to the Bluetooth button all the time?

With my Pen, turning it off, doesn’t turn Bluetooth off, if Bluetooth has been activated.

Can anyone confirm?

I’m not sure I understand the problem. I paired my Roger Select iN with. my Phonak Marvel HAs just once, and it’s been all good for a year or so. I did have an issue when I tried pairing two Selects together so I could poach audio from someone else’s Select, but eventually got that straight as well. I just turn on the Select when I need it, and off when not. No need to take it out of the clip holder and lanyard, which is necessary when my spouse takes me out to dinner. Because of the Select around her neck, we can chat easily, even in a noise place. I also plug the Select into the TV so we can each have a volume appropriate to our needs. But, I don’t have to take the Select lanyard off to do that, just plug into a little jack on the opposite side of the on/off switch. Yes, the Select is expensive, but both my spouse and I find it worth it.

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There’s two Roger Select.

The Roger Select with Bluetooth and Roger Select iN without Bluetooth.

The issue I’m asking is about the Bluetooth and not about pairing.

You don’t have Bluetooth in yours so wouldn’t come across the issue.

You can use the Select (not the iN) as a streamer to make phone calls because it has Bluetooth in it to pair with smartphones or anything else with Bluetooth.

Means you can wear the Select round your neck and it acts as a hands free option.

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