The commissioning and first 6 hours with my first ever hearing aids (Jabra Enhance Pro 20) from Costco

6 hours ago, I was fitted with my first ever hearing aids at Costco. I had selected the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 HAs because the choices in behind-the-ear HAs at Costco are the Jabra, the Philips 9040, and the Rexton (I don’t know the model), and I had raed good things about the Jabras and the iPhone app that can be used to control them.

I am obviously a newbie, so keep that in mind as I present my initial 3 hour findings, because I have barely stepped onto the learning curve.

Note also that I chose getting the optional (NO extra cost) M&RIE “3rd microphones”, which are located inside the ear canal, in addition to the 2 LH and 2 RH microphones located behind the ears. The HAs were fully charged and waiting for me at the appointment. Sport locks were already installed on the HAs, and the HCP told me that at this Costco at least they put them on all behind the ear HAs simply because they are so easy to use without any special effort, and help people to not have the HAs fall out during vigorous activity. I had no issues putting on or removing my eyeglasses, withiout dislodging the HAs. I simply kept the eyeglass arms close to my head and moved STRAIGHT rearward or forward and straight down or up.

The session with the Costco HCP lasted over an hour. he did the Real Ear Measurement process. I asked for, and got, a full color printout of the results. During the process, he detected some feedback with the open domes (Remember, I chose the M&RIE option), so swapped them out and replaced them with closed domes.

I detected no issues at all with the closed domes. No feeling of occlusion or any other issue.

He showed me how to properly install and remove the HAs and my eyeglasses. We snapped photos of the correct installation on both right and left ears,

The HCP set up the Jabra app for me on my iPhone (I had downloaded it to my iPhone in advance). He paired the HAs to my iPhone, and configured everything. He explained each step as he did so. He confirmed thta outside of the demo mode, the 2 TV streamers were not available for configuring until the app detects their first time presence. Synchronization of the right and left HAs was activated.

He was not prepared to set up online services for me, as they normally don’t get clients wanting it - clients strongly prefer in-person appointments apparently. I am guessing this is because most of the clients are elderly and not very tech savvy. But since I expressed an interest in having the online services option, he said he would be prepared to enable that when I come back in 2 weeks for my first follow-up appointment.

He did call me from his cellphone, from another room, The call was successfully transferred via Blueooth to my HAs. We conversed with volume in the HAs again being just right.

He provided, explained, and fully demonstrated the use of the cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, and the initial supply of wax filters. He said the frequency of cleaning needed would depend upon my rate of ear wax production.

I found the initial volume settings to be just fine. No adjustment up or down was needed.

I could generate sounds when brushing my hands against the HAs, but nothing troublesome. In all the 6 hours since installation, I have not experienced any popping, crackling, or whistling.

As for comfort, I have forgotten several times so far that I am even wearing HAs.

While still inside the Costco store, I called my wife, and the iPhone successfully transferred the sound to my HAs. The Bluetooth-enabled conversation was 100% reliable and very clear. I also then called a government agency 800 number that has a long string of pre-recorded messages that you need to select in sequence via the phone keypad to get the routing you want. Before making the call, I noticed that the refrigeratiuno compressor in the Costco fresh flower cooler had snapped on, so I deliberately positioned myself within 6 feet of the cooler, and of course the HAs detected and amplified the already loud compressor noise. But, the HAs also made the recorded messages VERY clear and, using its pre-programmed smarts, 100% understandable despite the loud compressor, and I was able to route myself through the planned string to the call destination I wanted. And, this was in “All-Arounf” mode, NOT in “Hear in Noise” mode! Nicely done, Jabra!

I also noticed for the first time ever, that I could hear the wheel noise made by individual separate Costco shopping cart wheels as shoppers walked past me. Incredible. I also could now hear and understand shoppers’ conversations as they walked by me several feet away.

I deliberately visited the Costco public bathroom just to hear how its “hard surfaces echo chamber” features would affect the HAs. I found ZERO adverse effects. No echos or other disturbances. Running water in the sink and hearing flushes nearby exposed no faults in the HAs.

When I stepped outdoors, no issues. It was pretty windy here today , and of course I heard that wind, but it was not bothersome enough to warrant chnaging modes to the “Outdoor” mode. (That was not the case later, and is described below).

Driving home, I detected no adverse effects. I actually was able to forget that I was wearing hearing aids. The clicking of the winter tire studs on the pavement was a bit louder of course (because my unaided hearing loss had gotten to be notable). But everything else sounded much like it used to sound.

Back home, I needed to walk to the community mailbox to check for mail. Our home is pretty much in a wind tunnel, because, despite being within a city suburban neighbourhood that is 8 years old, it is right across the street from a multi-acree horse pasture where 4 horses live out their retirement years while the owners wait for a purchase offer from some developer that would be large enough to handle the capital gains taxes that would be triggered by a sale. So, we get VERY strong winds coming right at our home on windy days, and today the wind was howling there.

I walked out to the community mailbox with the HAs still set on “All-Around” with whatever wind noise reduction capability that setting has built into it. The wind noise was pretty loud. Before walking back to the house, I changed the setting to “Outdoor”. THAT made a HUGE difference. Th wind noise was VERY much decreased in the HAs.

The sound of my own voice via the HAs did not change from how it sounds to me when unaided. This was a disappointment, as I had hoped that perhaps this miracle of modern electronics could make me sound like Jack Palance (the guy who played the very old cowboy in the movie “City Slickers”, and who had a deep voice that every other man would envy!). No such luck. :frowning_face:

I recieved a call from a buddy in anothe province about an hour ago. The iPhone had correctly kept the Bluetooth connection “on standby”, and properly trabnsferred the ringing to my HAs. My iPHone (version Xs) is too old to do “hands free”, but I forgot that I COULD have answered it by simply doubletapping either ear (merely either EAR, not HA), and so answered by tapping the phone’s answer button instead. The call quality was fine and again the volume of my buddy’s voice was fine.

6 hours is obviously way too short a time period to draw meaningful conclusions. But, I would say that this first 6 hours has at least yet not shown me anything that would displease me. I look forward to continuing my testing.

Jim G


On another separate thread, I had mentioned that I was developing a “checklist” to use during this commissioning of my first hearing aids. Here is the final version of that checklist that I used:

Checklist for 2023-11-28 Pickup of Jabra Enhance Pro 20 HAs from Costco

How to achieve proper placement behind & in ear canal

Sport Lock?

Photo of properly installed HAs

  1. Activate & set up Jabra iPhone app &
  2. Activate “synchronization” &
  3. Pair iPhone to HAs
  4. Sign up for online services

Get: Cleaning cloth, Brush, Wax filters

Eyeglasses on & off without difficulty or dislodging of hearing aids

Volume level (Be careful! Might initially sound “too loud” because you’ve had IMPAIRED hearing!)

  • Right ear
  • Left ear

Effects of M&RIE vs no M&RIE

Any feedback? (Cup hands over the aids)

Too much occlusion? Echo?

Any noise from hair brushing against microphone?

Comfortable behind ear & in canal?

See & get copy of report of actual Real Ear Measurement (versus merely “First Fitting” method)

Stand right beside a glass window to simulate sitting in driver seat in vehicle while driving

Call recorded message (800) 277-9914 & assess reliability & quality of the recording heard

Call Wife’s phone

Ask questions at Pharmacy

Voice quality & comprehension from in-store TV or computer at Hearing Centre or in Electronics Dept

In-store conversation with Wife or someone else, checking:

  • Volume level
  • Noise reduction effectiveness
  • Directionality & directionality control effectiveness
  • Narrow cone angle setting (“restaurant setting”) effectiveness

Conversation at information desk with clerk (where do I find . . . ?), with ambient noise

Inside Costco bathroom: Painfully loud ambient noise given all the hard surfaces?

Cycle through ALL the programs

  • All Around
  • Hear in Noise
  • Music
  • TV 1
  • TV 2
  • Directionality & appropriateness of volume level in all the above programs
  • Test “Outdoor” setting just outside the store - Directionality? Volume level correct? Wind noise?

Return to Hearing Center & HCP to adjust where needed

Driving home:

  • Pair HAs with vehicle
  • Driver side window effects?
  • Overall noise level
  • Volume settings ok for vehicle when driving?
  • Call Wife to check Bluetooth quality in vehicle

Lose a bit more hearing, ask to be fitted with moulds and it may happen.


Sounds like the clinician was very thorough and covered all the things which need to be in an initial hearing aid fitting appointment. Hope the new devices work well for you


Vehicle pairs with the phone and hearing aids pair with the phone. Vehicle does not pair with the hearing aids. If the Jabras/phone work the way I expect, pressing the steering wheel pick up with send the audio to the car and pressing the HA button will send to the eharing aids, but you can adjust the routing in the phone if you want to force it to always choose the hearing aids.

Sounds like great outcomes! :clap: I’m happy you are hearing better.

I’d be interested to see the REM.

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Neville, I did scan the REM in full color at 300 dpi for inclusion in my electronic records, but HOW do I post it here on the forum? I scanned and saved it in both pdf and jpeg formats.

Jim G

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On computer or mobile? There’s an upload button when you reply. When I’m on mobile I have to collapse my keyboard to see it.

I figured it out. Here is the REM. The 2 vertical strokes that the HCP added with a pen at about 3K frequency on the chart for the left ear when discussing it with me, are where he said he could not adjust the HA as well as he would like to because it would have negative effects elsewhere.

Jim G


After watching 3 hours of TV last evening with my new Jabra Pro 20 HAs, I don’t think I need the TV streamer+ OR the Voce Bluetooth broadcast transmitter. I had my son and wife set the TV volume to a comfortable level for THEM, and I could hear, and fully understand, everything said on the TV shows.

That’s a good thing, because our 4-year old TV has demonstrated an intolerance for even the sound bar that we added shortly after we bought the TV - when the sound bar is connected via optical cable and is “on”, the TV tolerates it for randomly different lengths of time (minutes, days, or weeks) and then shuts both itself and the sound bar off! We don’t know if this is an issue with the TV, the sound bar, or the Internet connection, and I was not looking forward to troubleshooting it if we did need the TV streamer.

Jim G


Sounds great, the process seems great. I’ve been in hearing aids for the past 3 years, way before I thought I would need hearing aids. When I discovered my hearing loss, things were a little bit nuts from COVID. I debated back and forth getting KS9’s or Phonak marvels. Ultimately I ended up with the Marvels. If I were to do it all over again I would have gone for the KS9’s. Part of it was just being new to hearing aids, not knowing what I would need from an audi / fitter. Obviously the price at Costco is nearly impossible to beat.

I’ve been waiting for the auracast hearing aids to come out, specifically one that is sold at Costco. I heard the jabra 20’s were coming out but yesterday I found out they were available.

With my Marvels, I went with disposable batteries. I was afraid that the rechargeables wouldn’t get me through the day, I actually think I would have been correct. I sent my marvel’s in for refurbishment before my 3 years was up, and for a loaner I got some Phonak lumity’s. They were defiantly a step up from my marvel’s. I could hear better in loud environments. Battery though, it was pretty close to dead by the end of the day. I hear the Jabra EP 20’s as well as other Resound products have some of the best battery life.

Reading your post, I’m even more excited. I hadn’t heard that the Jabra 20’s from costco can be fitted with the M&RIE’s. That’s awesome, I hope that the mic in the ear canal will help with localizing sounds a bit better. With years of technology advancement coupled with the fact that I had the second to top tier of tech on my Marvel’s and this will be top tier tech, I hope that the advertisement of 8.5DB gain in loud environments isn’t an overstatement. Like probably everyone here, I really struggle to hear in loud environments and this has definitely impacted me socially than anything else.

Now will be the hard part. I called my costco this morning, have an appointment next Tuesday to get an updated exam. From there I was told it would take about a week to get them in.


@michael.grossman I got my Jabra EP20’s first with the standard receiver and after a week switched to the M&RIE’s even though they said I was not a proper candidate due to my Audiogram profile. I was shocked how much better I could hear with the M&RIE receivers although I had a bit of feedback until I switched to closed domes. I had a similar concern regarding battery life especially since I stream a lot with the Streamer 2 but was pleasantly surprised that the batteries last all day and night with no issues although they are down to 1 dot out of 5 when starting to charge them after typically 6 hours of streaming.


Having installed and uninstalled the Jabra Pro 20s with the M&RIE a few times now since I got them earlier this week, I see now how important proper placement of the in-canal pieces are.

My right HA in-side canal piece with its M&RIE microphone goes in very easily with no issues. My LEFT HA though seems to require much more attention. If I don’t get it positioned “right”, I get some faint insect-like buzzing. If I get it VERY wrong, I get a prolonged whistle / squeal. Since both closed domes appear to be identical in diameter, I attribute this positioning issue to my left ear canal either being very slightly larger, or slightly different in shape, and this is allowing some “leakage” past the dome.

I tested this AFTER positioning it correctly (no faint buzzing) by deliberately opening and closing my jaw, or by moving my head around enough to affect the HA. That DOES sometimes start the buzzing. So, it IS position within the canal that is affecting the effectiveness of the closed dome.

The issue is not serious enough to warrant a visit back to Costco before my 2-week scheduled “how’s it going” appointment, especially since I might just become more adept at getting the posiitoning “right”. But if it becomes a bigger issue, I’ll ask for an appointment before that. When I got the HAs, the Hearing Centre scheduler told me that right now any appointment to troubleshoot any issues that might come up could be scheduled within a day or 2.

Jim G

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In addition to possible size and shape differences in the left ear canal, you’re just at a higher risk of feedback on the left because the hearing loss is greater and so you need more gain on that side.

When the M&RIE came out they wouldn’t put it into an encased mold. Has that changed?

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I don’t have encased molds, nor ANY molds. Just closed domes versus open domes.

I understand what you are saying about the left ear needing more gain. The HCP might have been referring to that when he mentioned when describing the REM results with me that he could not adjust the left ear to perfection around 3K frequency because it would create problems.

Thanks for the insight on the probable cause of the buzzing during movement. :slightly_smiling_face:

Jim G

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Yes, that’s likely a feedback issue there.

I was wondering if you could GET molds to help manage feedback, or whether they still are not an option for the M&RIE.


I view it as a minor issue, as I have always been able to with some fiddling with position able to eliminate it, but the HCP said to report any issues at all so that I get the HA experience that is intended. So, I called the Costco Hearing Centre this morning to report it, and the scheduler offered me an appointment at 5pm tomorrow, with the same HCP as I had when I gt the Jabras 2 days ago, to see if he can correct the issue. I guess their statemnent that they can always get me in for any adjustments within 1 or 2 days is true. :slightly_smiling_face:

The resolution might also help other forum members.

Jim G

I have had similar feedback/buzzing with my closed dome M&RIE receivers on my Jabra 20’s and also greater hearing loss on one ear. My “solution” has been to adjust the volume setting a little on the HA that is getting the buzzing sound and that has reduced the issue to rarely occurring now.

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Makes sense! And is an easy way to handle it.

Jim G

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YMMV, but I’d support @Neville’s suggestion to get molds. Domes can only approximately conform to the shape of your ear canal. Molds are made to fit (and they’re relatively inexpensive at Costco). I’ve worn both domes (~tried all sizes and shapes) and molds. I much prefer molds, and I think most users who’ve tried molds prefer them, too (that seemed to be the overall consensus when I searched through past HT threads before deciding to get mine).

Don’t know how current the following ReSound mold guide is: mk602434-gu-gs-productmanual_earmolds.ashx (

I presume I have the micromolds made out of a clear semi-hard silicone material. My receivers are field-removable, unlike the fully-encased mold style at the start of the list for RIC receivers. Costco may only offer a limited choice of mold types.

A great advantage of molds (for me) is that wax is much less likely to get in the receiver openings, and, IMHO, molds are far easier to clean. My audi recommends wiping down the outside of the mold with an alcohol wipe after gross cleaning. Don’t know how kosher that is (ReSound recommends avoiding all non-aqueous solvents).

Molds made by Costco are relatively inexpensive to try. Compared to all the time you could waste with a less than adequate solution, it might be worth giving molds a whirl to see if they make things “more better” for you.


I just don’t know if you can get a M&RIE with a mold. You couldn’t when it came out, but maybe there has been a change.

If it’s just minor feedback that can be easily managed, I wouldn’t give up the M&RIE in favour of the mold. The REM hasn’t lost that much to feedback.