Testing Phonak Naida V90-Up



I am coming from the Oticon Dynamo SP10 which I have been using since 2014, tried to test something different since my hearing loss is severe to profound….

Since I had the feeling the Dynamo was starting to feel “old” (I am still getting more loss) I decided to try new aids, right now I am testing the Phonak Naida which seems to be the best right now for the severe users.

The problem I am feeling is that the sound feels sometimes to “robotic” I am talking for example with my wife, and her voice would change from her usual voice to a robotic one in the middle of the conversations, some sounds also like AHHHHHH or so… feels so unnatural and its giving me chills.

I am not sure why, trying to see if I need to go back to the Dynamo, but I also found that Oticon released a new aid, (Siya), wonder if its better than the Dynamo… Or how to make Naida sounds feels more natural…


I wear the Phonak Brio P-UP and found sounds to be robotic. Turned out it was the Sound Recovery. Since it was turned off, sounds are okay.


Thanks for your reply!!!

Does it means that if I remove it, I can hear fine now but I lose the “advantage” the Naida have?


The Naidas are great aids, with our without Sound Recover 2. Although it can be disabled (turned off), there are also lots of ability for the hearing aid fitter to adjust. The “unnatural” is hearing sounds you haven’t heard in a long time.


Are you sure about that? I am sure my voice is not robotic… Lol.

Also I am having a hard time to understand anything when there is a lot of people even thought I have it in noise mode…

I even hear a buzz sound that is also robotic… That’s what is killing me


I have profound hearing loss too. I used Naida for about 4 years, and they have really robotic sound even with SoundRecover off. Now I use Oticon Dynamo SP8, and they have most natural sound from each hearing aids which I tried. I hope Oticon will introduce superpower hearing aid model based on Velox platform in spring 2019.


Currently I am testing the new Naida… So far I am really disliking it… I used to have the Dinamo SP10 and I can see you use the 8…its better than the 10? I also saw that Oticon released Siya… It doesn’t work for us?


Which model of Naida do you testing? Dynamo 10 is more advanced than 8. But I have Speech Rescue turned on - when it switched on in Dynamo 10, it lost all of this advanced features.


Naida v90 up, I think it is the most powerful they got


Clearly, I can’t know for sure. I do know that people with hearing loss have distorted hearing and are not very good at describing sounds. The more typical description is like a transistor radio. Certainly your perogative to switch hearing aids. The Naidas are great aids and there are a lot of adjustments that could be made to them.


I can’t know, but my guess is that this robotic perception of sound can be adjusted out by a patient audiologist. It is not necessarily sound recover causing the problem. Sometimes, with severe/profound loss the gain of the hearing aid interacts in interesting ways with the distortion present in the cochlea. Some times trying to address a very steep hearing loss can result in some odd sound perception. If you are getting a very strong perception of AAHHH sounds with almost an ‘echo’ on some of the words, gain and compression adjustments may need to be made in the ~850 Hz region. The phonak software is quite generous in what adjustments it will allow, but that also means that it can end up in some odd places.


@WestEndBob and @ToriNi were just discussing this “robotic” sound in another thread. Perhaps they’ll chime in here.


My experience with Phonak is rather limited because of the sound digitally. I did wear them for years when they were analogue but felt the sound was too ‘robotic’ when I tried them digitally. But perhaps I hadn’t been fitted very well.

At that time anyway, my NHS trust were switching to Oticon so I got the Zest BTEs and later, the Spirit Synergy BTEs and I just found I liked their sound more. It felt more natural.

So maybe it also depends on the individual’s perception of what they want to hear as well as what they can hear?

I have a mild to severe loss in the low frequencies and profound in the high frequencies so I have quite a range that a hearing aid has to cover. But obviously as someone said above, it’s having an audiologist that will spend time to get it right for you too.

I tried one pair of Phonak aids six years ago before they gave me the Spirit Synergy aids and they didn’t spend the time with me, so I ended up not hearing anything with those as they weren’t fitted appropriately to my hearing loss. They just tried to move what I couldn’t hear into a frequency I could hear but very unsuccessfully. Later admitted the aids were for children and older patients (I’m 33). So that made me even more anti-Phonak but through no fault of their own really!


Ohhhh, thanks I will keep trying to get the best setup for the phonak


Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:


I think the naidia B is the newest Naida ultra power model.
I have paired the naidia b UP bte with a phonak cross BTE.


I think it is something that could be adjusted. I’m trying the Costco Phonak Brio 3 with power receivers and heavily using Sound Recover 2, with the destination starting at 1300 Hz, if that’s the right way to describe that. Things have never sounded better.