TELECOIL on Phonak Audeo Paradise -13T

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I recently bought a pair of Phonak Audeo paradise 13T HA and my audiologyst told me that it includes Telecoil. Since I have not had the chance to test this funcionality, my question is to the people here whom had used the Telecoil option on their Audeo Paradise, specificaly how did you turn the telecoil option on? Do the HA automaticaly conecct to the Audio Loop in case you enter a church, cinema, theater ? Please let me know how was your experience with this function, thank you very much.

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I have the paradise p90T audeo, we went to the movie theatre on Monday and I was excited to try out the telecoil function.
I was bitterly disappointed, I could hear the speech but it was completely unintelligible. I had adjusted the setting all the way to the right to turn off the hearing aid microphones, but it was still garbage.
I ended up using my TV setting and tweaked with the controls in that program to get some understanding of the speech.
I have an appointment with my audiologist before my next visit to the theatre to see Mary Poppins. I hope he has some answers for me. Maybe it was the movie theatre setup, Ive tried it on the train and it works clearly.
Let me know how you go🙂

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No you have to change the program, I got my audiologist to put some presets in my buttons on the hearing aids to save going into the app all the time.
But in this situation you’ll need to open the settings on the telecoil program to slide out the mics like you can with Bluetooth streaming.

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Depends on your settings. I seem to be one of the few here that use and depend upon telecoil. I travel a lot internationally for conferences. For me it is an essential function. It works well on my Phonaks.