Tek Connect and iPhone

Just got my Motion 500s and Tek Connect 3 weeks ago. Playing with the settings I looked for a way to connect directly from iphone> ipod through bluetooth. Well I figured it out, although I am finding that the Tek Connect technology is not perfect. If you go to P2 and connect via bluetooth to the phone while in the ipod section of the iphone and restart the tek connect the volume control is replaced with tek connect text and the bluetooth symbol.

Another way to activate this feature is to go to the voice mail window of the iphone and click on the audio selection button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, again you need to have the tek connect in P2 mode.

I have played with these settings and they work fairly consistently.

Issue one, when trying to switch programs on the TC sometimes it locks up and the battery has to be removed.

Issue Two, you are limited in volume control by the TC and depending on the Hearing Aid setting some music can be a littl loud. Need to create an app for that.

Issue Three, if all the settings listed above do not connect the TC via BT to the aids, power down the TC while still in the P2 mode and iPod active on the phone.

The sound is great and distance from the phone while still connected is 22 - 30 feet before sound breaks up.

I initally used the Tek Transmitter plugged into the audio jack of the iPhone but did not like the cumbersomness of it all, although this process works fine with the added benefit of being able to use not only the P2 bluetooth phone setting but any music setting as well.

Any comments/suggestions on how to make the volume control better in BT mode with the ipod will be appreciated.

Thanks for the great tip on connecting TEK Connect to iPhone/iPod.

Does anyone know if Siemens has offered an update to the firmware and/or software for the TEK Connect? I could not find it, if it exists.

I’m a new user, but I had to go back to get the technician to adjust the sound level on the bluetooth. I think they have quite a bit of control over where they can set it, and what volume range they can give you.

Also, I too have discovered that the Tek unit does sometimes freeze up and that you need to disconnect the battery.

Just to add to this, the freeze up I was referencing was it asking for the device code again (0000). Today I figured out I could unfreeze it by hitting 0000 on my cell phone and hitting send. I will say the manual on the Tek device is not great. They leave you to figure out a lot of stuff by yourself. For example, my hearing aid would turn off by holding down the right button on the side, but it quit turning on via that button. Today I figured out it would turn on by hitting the #1 program button (or probably any other program button).