TCoil with Widex Evoke

How do I use the TCoil feature in my Widex Evoke? It has it, right?

The church where I work is having it installed in our sanctuary and I can’t wait to use it. Have been struggling big time.

I have an Apple iPhone 10, and the Evoke app. So far I can’t see how to access/enable it.


The Widex Evoke F2 models all have the telecoil, but it must be activated in one of your available program slots to use it. You should make an appointment with your Audiologist to activate it, so you can then enjoy the benefit at your Church.


Thanks Chris! Nothing that I can do as a layperson to activate it?

There’s no way to activate telecoil that I know of outside of the program options. And, just so you’re aware, there are actually two, telecoil programs. One, called, “T,” focuses exclusively on the telecoil stream, turning off your external microphones. the other, “MT,” focuses on the telecoil stream while also allowing you to hear other sounds through your mics (like if a partner or friend were sitting next to you and wanted to say something about the sermon, etc.). I think MT is the way to go, if you only have one program slot left to fill. If you have more, you could try both.

Within MT, your provider can then select the balance of sound (more telecoil/less environmental sound or the other way around), so you may need to experiment a bit. The app on your phone will also enable you to change the volume level of the telecoil or to mute the mics as options that are available to you in real time.


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