Target and NHS hearing aids

Oh man. Somewhat irritated here. I have pair of Phonak Nathos Auto UP. This is an NHS hearing aid. I want to adjust them without constant expensive hospital visits, so went to the effort and expense of getting an iCube II in from the US.

When i connect it to target 8.0.2 it sees the hearing aid serial numbers correctly but says they are Unknown, so this means i cant import the settings and adjust them. Maybe its the version of Target, or something like that. Any ideas? If its an NHS specific version of target my DMs are open…

Alternatively does anyone want an iCube II… if i cant get this working…

I’ll send you a PM with the code.

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please sent me PM for this code too… i neet too

Hi. This post is only for UK NHS hearing aids. Not any other country.

whoops. sorry. Turns out I already have a code for NHS Phonak Target, I don’t think there’s a problem with where you’re from, as long as your friends here want to share, it’s not a matter of whose post.


Different hearing aids are locked.

United Kingdom NHS Phonak Aids are locked.

If you have the Nathos S+, Nathos Auto or Nathos Nova then they originally came from the NHS and the code will work.

The Nathos are being sold in the US, just they would have first come from the NHS.