Swimming and wearing a hearing aid

Does anyone think we will ever have something we can wear in water?

I would love to learn how to swim but because I have more than a healthy dose of aquaphobia, I dont think I could do it without a HA

Any experts here see anything on the horizon?

Checkout the Swiss Eurion LOTOS:

The Japanse Rionet HB-54 is also waterproof.

Note: It may have been discontinued or upgraded.

From what I understand as written on another post here, Starkey Hearing Aids has a water proof HA also. If I remember correctly, it was stated the rep dropped a Starkey aid into a glass of water… and after a period of time (?) pulled it out and it still worked. Can’t give you any more info than that.

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That was the Starkey Zon.

I think that it is water resistant … to survive rain and splashes … NOT to survive swimming!

wow thats excellent info, many thanks :slight_smile:

do you have any idea the approx cost of those Swiss Eurion LOTOS ??

About $1200 - $1500 each - and I think that they are ANALOGUE aids.

In other words, you wouldn’t buy them unless you were VERY VERY keen on swimming!

:mad::(:mad: i think a diving suit would be cheaper

manufacturers gotta realise deaf people want to live life to the max, all aids should be water resistant with some models waterproof.

there is a company call Van B, which have some hearing aid sweat bands- I believe
they claim you can sumerge an instrument in water (any brand) and they would work.
The only real drawback is that they look real ugly (i mean real ugly)

From http://www.hearingaidsweatband.com

Q: Can we wear them to go swimming?

A: Absolutely not. They are not effective in a situation that involves immersing.

Thanks for posting that, I was expecting this would look like some 80’s tennis star but it looks like a sock on your HA :D:D