Surflink Mobile Charge and Stream Cables


Anyone know how, where I can sell cables for Surflink Mobiles? Are there any audiologists out there with suggestions? I’ve sold a few, but would like to sell more as a way to make the payments on my Starkey Xino i110s.

I made a ‘Y’ cable to be able to stream audio with my Surflink Mobile, and charge it at the same time. The cable has three connectors, a typical USB Type A that connects to a PC or wall charger, a standard 3.5 mm audio cable that connect to an MP3 player, television and some tablets and phones, and a micro USB connector that connects to the Surflink Mobile. There is a hidden electronics part that allows it to work only with the Surflink Mobile.

If anyone else wants or needs one, I put them on Amazon and usually have one at a time for sale on eBay. I also made a longer streaming only cable since the first thing I did was lose the little short one the Surflink came with. Those are for sale as well.

The cables are fully tested electronically for connections and also for sound quality. Thanks to one of my customers, I now test the cables with 3.5 mm to RCA adapters.

Also, if there is anything else someone needs, I’m a electronic test engineer, please let me know.

If any of you have bought my cables and have any suggestions or recommendations, I love feedback and critique.


Hi Dear,
I’m looking for a cables like these but I couldn’t find anything in Egypt where I live.
could you send me the links of your cables?

Also could you advice if any of the below links can work for Surflink?

Here is a link(click on the word ‘link’) to the cables on Amazon. They are my cables, but Hearing Aid Club is selling them.

As for the other cables, the first two are not audio cables, they are audio video maybe(?). The third will probably not work. There are special electronics added to the cable that the Surflink requires. The Surflink cables are unique.

If you need something special, I can maybe create a custom cable for you.

Good luck,

The Hearing Aid Club is defunct. My eBay sale is set up for international shipping. You should be able to order from Egypt. Just search eBay for Surflink charge and stream cable.