Supplements to help minimise hearing loss and tinnitus

There are many reasons for, and types of, hearing loss, sometimes from physical injury, old age or illness etc, but has anyone had any experience with supplements or products that help or eliminate tinnitus and/or hearing loss? I mean apart from HAs of course. I fully accept that a lot of it may be voodoo science or placebolic in what works or not but out of all the minerals, amino acids, tree bark, tiger ‘things’ and plant roots out there that somewhere someone may find something that helps. I’ve read zinc, MSM and NAC can help. My experience is that no supplements have helped, not even with tinnitus. Although I believe coffee and salt exacerbates my tinnitus.

xanax has been proven to help but only by lowering the stress response to the tinnitus, otherwise i have heard of a single substance that has survived any kind of serious testing though i haven’t been following the field for a long time

with regard to hearing loss i have never heard of anything that helps

Some people have found curcumin (found in turmeric) to help tinnitus. No experience myself.

I was told decades ago at the House Clinic in L.A. to take Vitamin B100 and a daily, FLUSHING niacin pill. The Vit-B is good for nerves (and I have sensorineural hearing loss); the niacin that makes one BEET RED supposedly increases blood circulation to the tiny capillaries feeding the ears.

That said, I had to give up the flushing niacin YEARS ago cuz it just about made me break out in an itchy body rash every time I took it. B vitamins are good, but if you are a healthy vegan like me, you don’t want to overdo it in the supplement area. (I DO have to take a B12 supplement as that is lacking from the vegan diet.)