Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Experience

Hello All,

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

My Experience about SSHL

My life was going normal till that evening. I had been to holiday to my home town. That was the second day at my home town after flight landing. I was walking outside. Suddenly both of my ears were blocked. I didnt know it was called ear fullness. i felt like i am having some liquid surrounding my ears on my head like that.

I couldnt hear properly as both ears were blocked. but still I was able to hear may be less in percentage. In the same evening itself my right ear become normal it went wrong twice but it become normal which is why i think i was able to hear conversations .

I slept that night and when i woke up the next morning still the ear fullness were there in the left ear and the tinittus had been started by then. As there was an audiologist at my home, who suggested me to take oral prednisolone 10 mg and seeked doctor and did hearing test in the evening on day 2, the audiogram result said profund loss and started taking 60 mg prednisolone per day. and started taking IV injection in hand for four days. all those time I was having tinittus sound on my left ear plus I had ear fullness surrounding my ear and inside my ear as well. on fifth day i had been given injection on my ear itself. ct scan and mri which we took on day 3 were normal and there wasnt any fluid inside ear. ear structure were normal.

I had been doing audio test many times I could hear only one beep sound on high note rest all I couldnt hear. half of my head left side there wasnt any volume . if i touch on my head, i couldnt hear anything on my left side. I couldnt even hear telephone ringtone on my left ear. slowly the ear fullness reduced day by day. now after two weeks when i touch or itch on my left head i could hear the sound before there wasnt any sound ,now i could hear almost same as right normal ear side. tinittus was there always in my left ear which doesnt stop. slowly on 12 th day i could hear telephone ring tone although that was like hearing from well, but i could confidently say that i could hear telephone ring sound . previously nothing i could hear. although the volume of telephone ring was not same as normal good ear, I could hear only half of the original volume ie i could hear only half of the telephone volume comparing what i hear from good ear.

the volume of telephone tone become little bit louder comparing the first day and i couldnt hear any noise apart from that. i could not hear if someone speak on phone , i couldn t listen that on my left ear, i felt it was muted. although all hearing test result were same.

what happened was when i was in the noisy place, although fullness reduced, the noise were filling when i was in the noisy place. Initially my ear were completely blocked that is i had ear fullness inside and surrounding my left ear. but after two weeks ear fullness reduced surrounding my ears. although when i stand in the noisy place like pub, my ear used to fill with noise that is again like blocking inside the ear not surrounding the ear. but this used to release when i come to quiet place.

i was using ear muff, but after two weeks i slowly didnt use ear muff to close the ear or head. first two weeks i was using but not after that. slowly left ear weighed normal as right ear without any ear fullness.

after 4 to 6 weeks i could hear telephone ring tone, engaged tone, but i could hear speech like " number not in use / or any conversation on phone" but i could hear beep sound whenever i hear some speech either recorded or normal conversation.

now i stopped taking all medicines. I was taking medicine like cognivel, menerve gold, pregaballyn, prednisolone, predmet but slowly i stopped it by reducing the dosage level

after 6 weeks i did hearing test , but this time, i could hear many beep sounds , now i m in between severe to moderate loss. even now when i was doing hearing test on listening words not just noises, for some words i could hear only beep sound , but when the volume increased i could hear a word with no clarity , (may be i understood one or two phonical sound rather than full word) it didnt help me realising the word but i realised that as a speech rather than beep sound.

Now I am advised to use hearing aid.