Sudden hearing loss

Hi, my name is Albert Aldridge and I am a new member. I was hoping that anyone could provide me with some advice on a problem I have, whether they have had it before or if they know what has happened to my ear and how it can be cured.

My hearing has been perfectly fine up until recently. I was outside chopping wood with an axe, and I chopped a piece of wood which produced a very sudden, loud noise. After this, my left ear has been ringing constantly ever since and people’s voices sound distorted, especially in loud groups/environments and it has been really getting me down.

I would appreciate anyone who might know what has happened to my ear and what treatment they had to gain back their normal hearing :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

Albert Aldridge

Without trying to sound dramatic, I’d go to an emergency room or “acute care” facility asap. Steroid therapy can sometimes reverse the effects of sudden hearing loss but it must be administered within a few weeks of the incidence. Don’t delay in getting your hearing checked out - hours and minutes can really count in these situations.