Streaming TV audio with Oticon Engage

I have a new NHS pair of Oticon Engage that also use bluetooth, my phone connects automatically, playing any media and calls from my phone straight into my ears, it was weird at first but now i’m accustomed to it, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I’m not sure how they would sound if I streamed the tv through them though, I don’t think there’d be enough bass for me…does anyone have any experience doing this?


Oticon Engage are Made For iPhone so you won’t be able to stream from a Bluetooth TV.

You’ll need one of these.

Knowing if there’s enough bass would be hard to say as we don’t know your hearing loss or what domes or ear moulds you are using.

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Thanks Zebras, I have a mild high frequency loss and my domes are double domes without vents, which, this time, were new to me. I find them a little better than the previous ‘vented’ domes.
I really enjoy immersive loud tv and currently us AirPods Pro, but the sound is not always the clearest when you have a high frequency loss. Previously I used the Swing digital system which was great (I may yet buy a new one). I just wanted some thoughts on these HA’s first.
Thanks Darren

Hi Darren
I picked up two new Engage P’s last weekend from the NHS.
I can pair and control the various adjustments using the ON app.
Happy with the sound, but I cant stream or answer calls on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
What phone are you using?

They only work with iOS iPad or iPhone.

Not true!
The Otiocon ON Android app works 100% - Streaming, answering calls etc. - If the phone is using Android 13 OS.

Unfortunately, my Note 10 is on Android 12. (sad face)

You’d have to find if the Note 10 has an M and a T rating. The M rating signifies how your phone will function with the hearing aids microphone. The T rating, on the other hand, measures how your phone will pair with the T-Coil.

When the number is higher, that means it will work better with your hearing aid device. An ideal number to look for is around 3 or 4.

ASHA phones work with android 12.

I can’t find any specs on the Note 10 indicating support for ASHA at all.

I am interested in this topic. can you help me to understand. My hearing aid is called Zeren MFI. i just have android pixel 5. when i connect the hearing aid detected but not connected, can this be tricked by ASHA theory or my hearing aid is pure for iphone?

I’ve never heard of Zeren MFI. Do yuou Mean Bernafon Zerena?
ASHA is supported by the Bernafon Alpha.
Here is the info you need.
Hope this helps.

im a typo. Bernafon Zerena ZR5 MNR

yap. Alpa is For android . i know that