Streaming to hearing aids and AirPods at the same time?

I’ve started doing read along audiobooks to hopefully improve my word recognition - one month in and I do feel like I’m getting improvement in conversations in quiet or moderate environments :blush:. While on a recent road trip my husband and I started listening to an audiobook together and it was okay since I could read along but I wouldn’t have been able to understand much or follow along on the freeways if I didn’t have the read along function.

To solve this problem I want a way to be able to stream to my HA Bluetooth while also streaming to my husband’s Bluetooth earbuds (he prefers his AirPods but has JBLs as well). Alternatively we would be okay with streaming to my HAs and splitting to an external speaker for my husband.

We already have the AirPlay Pro dongle and it works with either my HAs or his AirPods but we cannot figure out how to get it to work with both at once.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!

Edit: To clarify I am looking to stream audiobooks from my iPhone to my Phonak Lumity HAs and to either AirPod Pros, JBL Bluetooth earbuds, or some external speaker option.

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You didn’t say what you’re streaming the audiobook from, your phone or something else. Most Android phones nowaday have dual audio Bluetooth (send streaming audio to 2 BT devices at the same time). So do iPhones (they call it audio sharing).

I don’t know if this works with a direct hearing aid connection (via MFI on iOS or ASHA on Android compatible phones), but even if it doesn’t, you can use an intermediary streaming device that connects your hearing aids to a BT playback device (like the ConnectClip for Oticon aids, for example) so that you can play streaming audio both to your husband’s AirPods and your BT-enabled streaming devices to your hearing aids.

If you’re wearing Phonak aids, they’re already connecting directly to legacy standard BT, so you don’t even need a streaming device like with other aids’ brands.


Good question and I should have included this information in my original ask. I am trying to stream from my iPhone and I have Phonak Naida L90-UP for my HAs.

I was hopeful about the iPhone audio sharing but it only works for AirPods and Beats. We have the AirPlay Pro dongle that works with multiple Bluetooth earbuds but not if my HA is in the mix.

If any Roger accessories solve this problem I will get it but I’m honestly confused when I look at what the different accessories actually do.

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