Streaming Phone Calls (Android) with Starkey Evolv Hearing Aids

Can someone tell me… (not being a very tech savvy person :frowning_face: )… how to stream phone calls direct to my Starkey Evolv hearing aids? I have downloaded the Thrive app. I realise that streaming can be done via the mini remote mic (which I have), but was wondering can it be done directly without the remote mic. I have tried various things on the Thrive app to no avail.


Did you pair the HAs to the phone? Do it one at a time.

The thrive app changes settings on your HAs. The HAs work because of Bluetooth, not the Thrive app.

Using Thrive, under device settings go into Auto Streaming, turn Auto Streaming On. It should be on for Phone and Media.

I like to set Mic Volume When Streaming to decrease. This reduces hissing.

Reset Volume After Stream should be on.

To use the phone, the HAs will play the sound, but you talk to the mic on your phone.


@HitFactor :

Thanks for your helpful reply. I had already done everything you say…EXCEPT… I had not paired the HA’s to the phone. I assumed the app would be sufficient. Amazing how things seem so easy…when they are pointed out to you. :wink:

Thanks again. :+1:

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