Streaming issues with iPhone 15 Pro

Hi all.

I got my iPhone 15 Pro on launch day. Since then I have had worsening issues with dropped sound and static when streaming. I wear Oticon Real.

Tried all usual solutions with Apple to no avail.

I got my device replaced by Apple but still have the same issue so suspect it is a possible compatibility issue and may require a software or firmware update by either Apple or Oticon. I have contacted my Audi to see if they can speak to Oticon.

I have tried the latest software 17.1 with my other iPhone devices with no issues including iPhone 15. Works fine on my iPad Pro as well. It’s just specifically iPhone 15 Pro that I’m having this issue with. My Oticon Reals are updated to the latest firmware 1.1.0. Have also tried removing the Companion app but does not resolve anything.

Has anyone else who have the new iPhone had this issue at all?

Thanks in advance.


Do you have the titanium case version of iPhone 15?

Hi @ToriNi, I did read on ZDNET, I believe they said, heavy static or crackling, on the iPhone 15 Pro when the volume is raised, whilst streaming, is a known issue… So the fault lies with the actual iPhone, swapping the 15 Pro with Apple Care, apparently made no difference, as the swapped out iPhone 15 Pro, had exactly the same problem… I was planning a new iPhone 15 Pro myself, but decided to wait another year, so I just got the local tech shop, to install a new battery into my iPhone 12 Pro…TBH, that battery is twice as good as the original battery, even when it was new! It charges extremely quickly, and easily lasts 2 days on a single charge, with moderate use… Cheers Kev :grin:


Yes. I have the titanium black iPhone 15 Pro. Noticed that streaming at high volumes appear to be a known issue.

Upon returning home, I have restored twice and restored using iCloud back up admitting defeat, and so far it seems fine oddly (was easily able to replicate the issue and so far it is now stable…) so I am hoping the issue is resolved somehow, somewhat but let’s see! It’s been a long weekend… Spent a total of six hours at Apple! :tired_face:

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I have the same issue… Clicking and crackling on my Real 1s (which I just got) with the iPhone 15 Pro when streaming. The same thing happened with the Mores 1s…

Appears to be a hardware issue then… hopefully fixed with a software update. I am escalating the issue to Apple to hopefully resolve the issue via software update. I still have the issue too.

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Oticon have just announced a firmware release via Genie 2.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be the silver bullet for your issue, but connectivity was part of stated upgrade parameters.

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I saw this… I believe only for Own, More and Zircon lines and not for the Real?

The further into the forest, the more problems… I have an Oticon Xceed pair and an iPhone 12, and there are no problems (except slow initial connection with Companion app).

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It appears to be just with iPhone 15 Pro that the issues lie. I have no issues with iPhone 15 and iPhone 12, and haven’t had issues like this before with my previous iPhone 13 Pro. I have also contacted Tim Cook directly so hopefully will escalate this issue with Apple quickly.

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Go for iPhone 16 then.

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Ok, that’s a piece of information that I hadn’t seen. Usually there’s blanket firmware changes to keep everything on the same firmware level.

We’ve had issues like this before on the 13/14. Apple alters their end of the protocol (with the new release) and then we get an MFi update chasing it. Unfortunately it’s a (b)leading edge technology issue.

It appears to be an issue specific to iPhone 15 Pro only and also affecting those that use AirPods etc. There are a few reports out there so I’m almost certain it’s not related to Oticon.

My wife also tried the AirPods with my device and had the same issue.

I’m quite close to returning the Pro and just getting the iPhone 15. My wife has the iPhone 15 and has no such issues.


It was also an issue with the iPhone 12 Pro. It took Apple about a month to issue an update to fix that. I sent the first phone back to Apple. And only bought it again after it was fixed.

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Static is also an issue with my Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Minis and my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Static is soft like the crackling of Rice Krispies in milk. It happens when I am near my TV, in my car while it is moving, talking on my iPhone. I have no static problems with my Resound Fortes and my iPhone 14 Pro Max.


I have the same issue, Oticon Real and upgraded from iPhone 13P to 15P. When I get a call most often the one on the right drops or makes loud static noise.

Hopefully they will be able to fix it in a new iOS release.

I think we are experiencing it more due to having hearing aids even though it’s happening with other audio devices too. My Audi confirmed Oticon are looking into this and hopefully alongside Apple, release a software fix very soon.

I have the iPhone 15 Pro but the ReSound Omnia Customs - zero problems to date. Just saying for a broader perspective.

One of my older Clients has Quattros in: to my amazement, once working with the Android App, they just seamlessly connected with the device bluetooth too (Samsung A23?). However until the App was established the Bluetooth wouldn’t see them until it was switched on and off a couple of times.

We rolled the dice: ran the firmware upgrade on the aids. Deleted and re-paired the connection. Again, App first (all sorts of messaging that the BT couldn’t connect) - completed the App pairing and then re-paired on the direct Bluetooth (after another BT shudown) and all good. Full Connection.

So GN’s Bluetooth, must be doing OK.


Is this an issue with just Oticon? I am upgrading from the 12 Pro to the 15 Pro later this month, and have Phonak Lumity Life 90’s - any issues with Phonak that we know of?