Streaming audio with Oticon Opn 1 not working reliably

I have OTicon OPN 1s that I purchased in 2018 (firmware last updated in June 2020), that use with my iPhone (iOS up to date). One of the features I like I being able to stream music or podcasts on my phone directly into my ears via my HAs. But recently, when I set the audio to my HAs and press play, the sound doesn’t work. I can see that it’s playing, but there is no audio. If I change the setting to speaker, it’s fine. But to get it to stream into my ears, I have to reboot my HAs and phone. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions for a longer term fix?

Yes I have had that happen too. My fix has been to forget my aids reboot the phone then pair my aids again to the iPhone. I have to do this about everything 3 months. This has happened with hearing aids that directly pair to my iPhone and also to devices that are in between like streamers. I feel it has something to do with the iPhone firmware that corrupts over time.


Do you have another Apple device that is using Bluetooth at same time? If so make sure that all other Bluetooth devices are not connected.

I always have my watch connected now. And it hasn’t changed the issues at all from when I had not else connected. And with Apple devices the all are always connected to each other. IPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.

Well I have an iPad and find that if I have the Bluetooth enabled on the iPhone 10r the hearing aids won’t connect to the iPad at the same time. If I shut the Bluetooth off on the iPhone, the iPad connects immediately to the aids.

Yes that is just the way it is.

Yep. I made a choice and decided to only pair my HAs with my iPhone. Too many issues with Bluetooth competition otherwise.

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Yep it isn’t worth the pain.