Streamer Not Working - Solid Orange Light?

I have the Oticon Streamer (with firmware version 1.4) that I use with my Epoqs. My Streamer recently stopped working for some unknown reason. The buttons were unresponsive and did not light up when pressed. Moreover, the battery light indicator emitted a solid orange color when the streamer was both unplugged and plugged in. The streamer is no longer paired with my phone either. Normally this battery indicator would show different colors like blinking green for charging or blinking red for low battery.

I had this problem last year as well. In this frozen “solid orange” state, I was unable to fix the Streamer myself and Oticon had to replace it, citing a faulty battery or circuitry. The newly replaced Straemer was working for a while, and then it reverted back to this frozen “solid orange” state. I am quite frustrated as I am unable to use the Streamer, which I use daily for phone calls.

Does anyone know how to resolve this frozen “orange” state and why this problem even occurred in the first place?

Did you tryed reseting it?
Unlock it, and hold down phone for about 10 seconds.
It light all light up after 10 sec.

Have you tried holding down the phone button for 10 seconds to reset it?

I left the Streamer plugged in overnight and oddly enough, the orange light went away and the battery light indicator did not emit any colored light. However when unplugging and replugging the Streamer, it is blinking green now (perhaps the problem was the battery rather than the circuitry?). When I press the phone key for 10 seconds, no button lights turn on. When you reset the Streamer via the phone button, is something supposed to happen?

All I know is it will reset the Streamer but keep everything that is paired to it. Hope it works!

Thanks for the tips. Upon replugging the Streamer and after several minutes of a blinking green battery indicator, it reverted to the solid orange state. I tried holding the Phone button (top left button adjacent to the volume button. Correct me if I’m wrong!) for over 10 seconds. But the Streamer battery light did not change color and the button lights did not illuminate as they normally do when pressing buttons. Any other suggestions or ideas?

try getting another Streamer, it should help and for me, I don’t have any problem with mine since I have a good audi who makes it right.

Can you take the battery out? If not you could let the battery run down, if there is no other way to reset it.