Stream audio from Windows laptop to Widex Evoke hearing aids

I have a user who requires Widex hearing aids, and normally has them paired to her phone using the Widex Evoke app. She needs to be able to hear sounds from her Windows laptop throught the Widex. According to Widex they have no such app for Windows. I tried to emulate their Android app through Bluestacks but Bluestacks does not support Bluetooth so this was fruitless.

I’ve read about a device called a COM-DEX that sounds like it might be able to do the job. Am I correct that only a COM-DEX or similar device will let her hear audio from Windows through a Widex hearing aid? Or is there some piece of software that can do the job?

I want to be sure before I recommend she purchase another device.


I used to have a pair of Widex hearing aids in 2013 to 2014. I had a device called COM-DEX and plugged it to the TV, music player or computer. The sounds you hear thru COM-DEX is mono mixed sounds lt is not stereo.

Widex seems to have multiple devices that might work, including their TV Play. I’d get full specs on the laptop in question (Does it support Bluetooth and if so which variety) and then call Widex to find out which devices would work. You are correct that there is no app that is going to accomplish this.

When I wore Windex hearing aids, my Widex hearing aids had t-coil, and I asked my audio to activate it.

I used COM-DEX paired with an iPhone for hand-free telephone conversation. Besides the iPhone, I couldn’t pair the COM-DEX with any other bluetooth devices even though the manual says otherwise. My audit called Widex a few times, and came up empty.

So, I bought a bluetooth device with t-coil neck loop (mine is ClearSounds Quattro 4.0). I connected my computer audio out to a bluetooth transmitter (UTV2 from my old Unitron hearing aids). Paired the Quttro with UTV2, and turned on t-coil program on my hearing aids, then you can hear the computer.

I can hear the computer through UTV2 -> Quattro (bluetooth and t-coil) -> Hearing aids.

I have connected the tv play to my windows computer and successfully streamed the sound to the aids. I haven’t done this often, so I can’t comment on whether it is glitchy. You do need a different cable to do the connection, but it a standard one you can by at an electronics store.

There is a device called the UNI-DEX which plugs directly to an audio port. Not quite high Def audio but it works very well. You wear it around your neck like the COM-DEX.

UNI-DEX is a neckloop that can be wired and plugged into Audio jack of the TV.

Widex also has TV-DEX. It have two parts: Base and TV controller. Audio jack of the TV is wired to the base, and then wirelessly connected to the TV controller. The TV controller may be attached to the lanyard in your package contents to wear around the neck as a convenience.

You can stream from the computer instead of TV.

so this device works with any audio jack?.
I want to know also if I can have skype calls with the microphone inside this Uni-Dex
There is a call-dex also, which is for phones but I am not sure about laptops

The Call-Dex is for a mobile phone. But uni-Dex works for any audio out put using a headphone jack.

That is clear but what about the microphone, does it collect the sound and deliver it to PC for skype calls ?

Yes, it has a built in microphone.

Thanks for responding : - )