Storing my Phonak Paradise rechargable hearing aids

Hello everyone. Hopefully, someone can help. I have just upgraded to a new pair of Lumity hearing aids from the Phonak Paradise.

I am wondering how should I store the old Paradise rechargable hearing aids? Should I just put them in the charger plugged and ready to go always? Or should I shut them done and top off the battery every week or month? Any help is appreciated.

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I think you will find that battery experts recommend storing li-ion batteries at a state of 75% charged. I would charge them until they are flashing green and then check them periodically. If they go down to amber then charge back up to flashing green.


I just put my Phonak Lumity hearing aids in the charger before I go to sleep and pull them out when I wake. They turn off/on automatically when you put them in and take them out.


Agreed. It’s not good to keep stored batteries fully charged or depleted. Somewhere in the middle is desired and that will require regular attention


Charge them up … turn them on for about 4 hrs then turn them off and do NOT put them in the charger slots … put them in the compartment behind.
Then recharge and 4 hr discharge and turn off again every couple of months.

If you hold the rocker switch for 30 sec. it put the aid in the storage state which is preferred.


May I ask a question or two about your two models of hearing aids in a PM?

I don’t want to hijack your thread.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s…1-1/2 years old


You should start a new thread with your questions in the title and add @user name in the body of the text, (like I did to you) that you want to ask the question, That way others can read and benefit from the conversation.