Static noise when driving car

hi everyone,

I am trying Alera 9 and having trouble with static noise, it happens mainly when I am driving the car, but also when the bathroom fan is on, an airplane is flying close by and walking in a noisy street. When I turn off the car engine it stops, but even with the car parked but with the engine on, the noise is still there. As another member posted, it sounds like a radio tuned in between stations.

Looking at other posts could not find out what might be causing the problem, my loss is on the low pitch sounds and I am guessing might have something to do with that, my audiologist cant work it out either.

Did anyone had similar problem? Any ideas?

Many thanks.

I had fairly loud background whoossshhhh sound whenever there was anything running. The audiologist adjusted it out but it took a couple of adjustment sessions. I don’t hear anything like that now.

Imr - How long have you worn HA?

I have been using HA for over 5 years now. But I am just buying new HAs - my old ones also from GNREsound don’t make that noise. I dont think that is existing sound but intereference from the HA.

many thanks.

A lot of background noise picked up by the Resound does sound like electronic noise but the thing that told me it was background was when I was at work and the A/C was running and I was getting the whooossshhh and when the air went off, the sound quit. I was a long way from the source of the air movement so the only thing I was getting in my office was air sound. When it quit the noise quit.

Another possibility could be “circuit noise” I had that issue when I trialled some Phonak aids. The audi tried adjusting ir out. I think my main issue, in that case, was likely a programming issue.

The sound appeared to go away then I was in the soundproof room, though. I ended up returning those aids.

Is that “circuit noise” background noise like white noise?

Yes. I first heard it as soon as the aids were inserted from factory.

FWIW, I did not have this issue with the Starkey aids I am now wearing. From factory, they just needed a few minor adjustments.

Some aids are not well shielded against electrical noise.

Some cars ignition systems are not well shielded and on some aids produce impulse type noise that varies with engine RPM.

Some HOH have near normal hearing at certain frequencies and can hear internally generated noises.

Best solution is to notch out the offending noise, if possible. Ed

I think that is not noise like artefact, its just noise wat you get if you pump soft sound up.
Its seem that AUdeo S smart like to do (i didnt hear it when i trial core Audeo).
I hear noise from car tyres mile away, and also a computer fan noise…
I beleive looseing compresion, or soft noise would cure it.

The Audeo S and the Solanas I tried are both aids with the Spice chips. It appears they can be very difficult to program without the proper training. You may need to return the aids and try somewhere else.

thanks for all the posts. will talk to my audi and see if what they can do, or might need to try another HA. definetely cant drive with those HAs on!

I’m currently trying out a pair of Phonaks (Audéo SMART V). I have mild hearing loss in my right ear, moderate in my left. With the aids in, my right ear is perfect; no intrusive background noise at all. I wouldn’t change a thing with the right hearing aid. But the aid in my left ear is constantly picking up this kind of background/circuit noise. I’m due back with the audiologist next week, so I will ask him if he can tweak it.

(Edit: Well, this is strange. When I wore them yesterday, the background noise seemed to be significantly reduced, and the left one sounded quite good. I wonder if I just had it in improperly before?)