Started a trial of the Ponto 3 Super Power on headband

Hi all,

So I started a trial this week. I have the device on my right side and kept the left hearing aid in (as per Dr!)

I was a little taken back that they put me in. Super Power with my loss……she did say that the only loner was this one but if we were to go ahead it would be more likely newer brand or even a Baha ???

I’m wondering if it’s meant to sound this way; when I put my hearing aids in I notice a dramatic volume increase. With the Ponto I have to check is it on as no sudden reaction on volume but I feel I have way more clarity as I use it. Especially in noisier Envoiraments!!! Is this normal? I know it’s on as it screeches quiet loud when I put my hand over it!!!

I was imagining that just like an aid the loudness would feel imminent.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

I can’t really comment on the issue of it sounding right but my friend wear a Cochlear 5 SP which looks like a cochlear implant and her loss is similar to yours.

The SP power doesn’t go to profound from my understanding in BAHA or even Middle Ear Implants. There’s less power in them, then a HA.

Yours is a Ponto which is Oticon. I’m pretty sure the Oticon Ponto is now a 4 or 5, can’t quite remember.

EDIT - Found out from a friend it’s currently a Ponto 5 so you’re quite out of date on your trial.

Some miscellaneous comments:

I have a Ponto Plus Power which was FDA approved in 2013 so it is much older than even that 3 Super Power. Mine had a 55 dB fitting range. The Super Power has a 65 dB fitting range which likely is helpful given your audiogram.

The squeal should be reduced with the Ponto 5 Super Power. I remember that was one of the areas that they worked on.

Doing a bone conduction device through a headband will have about 10 dB of attenuation - it should work even better with an abutment.

Cochlear is buying the Ponto business from Oticon. I would suggest being cautious about getting an implant abutment that was only able to work for Oticon and not also Cochlear’s BAHA brand. My abutment is compatible with both Ponto and Cochlear BAHA devices but I’m not sure

On the other hand the BAHA 6 Max only goes to a fitting range of 55 dB so it will not be as powerful as the Super Power. I liked the idea of Cochlear’s Osia 2 to avoid having an exposed abutment but it also has a maximum fitting range of 55 dB.

In the 6 years since I got my Ponto, my hearing declined far enough that even a SuperPower wouldn’t be strong enough for me and I just got approved for a CI. It might be worth checking on a CI.

Good luck and feel free to let me know if I can be of any help.

Thanks for your reply; my audiologist told me that I would not be close to getting approved for a CI due to my “good” word recognition! I only test bad with “speech in noise”…….saying all this I am now only realizing that these bone conduction devices have a maximum output of 65db. Being I’m almost there in certain ranges, would this not be a big issue if my loss was to continue?

Is your AC results in your profile also your BC results?

So your BC levels are not near the max range for a BAHA type device which is good.

There is a chance that your BC levels will get worse tho but you’re not at the max level for a Cochlear BAHA 5 SP and I’m sure others brands are okay as well.

AC levels are not needed for a BAHA type device as it by passes that part.

Thanks so much for your reply @Zebras Doing some research now and wondering which device below would you think would be most suitable for my loss. Also, does one tend to go for more power (in advance!) since my loss is dropping slowly but surely the last few years? Thanks.


I’m not 100% sure on fitting ranges for each BAHA.

If you’ll struggle to get a more powerful BAHA if/when needed, and if you have to pay a %, I would go with the most powerful, that also fits your loss now. I think you’ll likely be in the BAHA Power?

The audiologist might have other ideas.

I just know the US system works differently to the UK system where I am.

My friend has the weakest BAHA 5 from Cochlear which uses 312 batteries. Battery doesn’t last long at all.

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