Starkey Wi Series i110 ITE

I am new here and just got these about 3 weeks ago. I went back in about 2 weeks for readjustment because the volume level was far too low. At a table of 6 I could only understand the person directly across the table. Even after she raised the level then I found that anyone more than 6 or 8 feet away was not understandable because I was straining so hard to try to hear them. So went back to my 6 year old Phonaks and bingo. They have lots of volume and clarity so have only been using the Starkeys for TV with Bluetooth.

I have two other selections, one for restaurants and other for outside. In using either of these the filters work great but they also filter out the voice of person.

Anyway, I need to go back for another adjustment. The VA audiologist is the head for clinic and very experienced as I have been her patient for many years. But I am wondering if these can be adjusted to usable condition.

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone with this series/model or any other opinions on what is happening. I have been hearing impaired and wearing hearing aid for over 30 years.

I have the detailed Starkey setup sheets for left and right.


Frequency Left Right
250 - 65 -60
500 - 60 -60
1000 - 70 -60
2000 - 75 -70
3000 - 95 -90
4000 - 105-105
8000 - 105-105


Did you make any further advances with these? I’m also in OC and have a good audi. I’ve tried a few different products and may try the Wi as well soon.