Starkey vs Costco aids

My question…should I buy costly Starkey Bluetooth aids or reasonable priced Costco aids. Reason: Have bilateral otosclerous stapedictomy in right did not help. Been using analog aids for 40 years and only 1 digital simple starkey aid for last 2 years. (Mistake …should have been using 2 aids) …cannot hear. Went to ent doc and and had new audiogram. Ent doc and Audologist advised Bluetooth hearing aids. Audiologist said I should stick with Starkey, as they are best aids and Costco aids are “junk”. Of course, Costco aids are reasonably priced and Starkey very expensive.

Let me guess. Your Audiologist just happens to sell Starkey hearing aids?

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I don’t know many people who think that about Starkey aids; I agree with pvc’s intuition that your audiologist likes to sell them.

What I would do if I was you, and what I did, I would buy Costco aids and then replace them 4- years later again with Costco aids. You would pay total less than for one set of Starkey aids but you would have newer aids. Win-win

My leanings would be Costco. If you want a bluetooth made for iPhone hearing aid, I’d go with their Resound. If no special requirements, KS7, Phonak and Bernafon are all decent aids depending on your wants and needs.

I had Phonak Audeo Smart III for 6 years and just bought a pair of Costco KS7s. I also bought the smart connect and TV transmitter. The program for the smart connect and the IPhone app is pretty weak. It doesn’t allow you to adjust much. I wear the smart connect under my shirt and it works flawlessly. I have 4 programs set and the one that is used the most is the Automatic. The Costco I wnr to had an Audiologist and their testing and fitting was a lot more in depth that when I went to an independent Audi 6 yrs ago. They are not that much better that my 6 yr old Phonaks but I have really bad tinnitus. I am glad I bought them because I saved a boat load of money and they work very well.

Nooooo that’s the rub. He works for hospital. Not selling aids

That sounds like a good idea Thanks

Thank you for all that info!

Thank you for input.

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