Starkey Thrive Hearing Control 3.4.1 update

Thrive 3.4.1 update was waiting for me this morning. As usual (for me to plow ahead blindly) I allowed the update from 3.4.0.

The release notes had the very generic performance and bug fixes listed.

I lost two custom memories I made (driving, outdoors). One that I created yesterday (music), remained.

So far, no problems. I will post again if I notice any improvement.

I have Evolv AI RIC R 2400. I’m new to all this, just started my second week of wearing HAs.

You must be special… I didn’t get the update and can’t find it…

Here are some comments based on my experiences.

Auto Car mode:
Never reset to normal when I stopped to go into a market or store. While driving there were random (as far as I could tell) chimes. Thrive lost track of my left HA, usually it loses track of the right HA.

Several instances of sides not matching.

I tried rebooting the phone, pairing and unpairing, turning Bluetooth on and off. Nothing seemed to help.

The app crashed hard enough that Android sent a crash report to the developer.

I have turned off car for now. I’ll manually switch when my ears tell me I need to.

I kept my phone within three feet while experimenting with settings. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with Android 12 operating system.

Auto Streaming:
I have turned off auto streaming as well. It has similar resetting problems.

I was hoping stream boost would allow equalizer settings to be changed without creating a new memory. But it doesn’t, a new memory is created and it can’t be selected in auto streaming. The way car allows you to select a memory to use would be a step in the right direction for auto streaming.

I changed all of the sounds my phone makes to multiple note sounds. This helped with auto streaming. Short single note sounds were masked by the hissing sound as thrive switched into the mode and out. Multi note sounds play longer and I could hear them. Another setting I found that reduced the hiss, is in auto streaming settings, set Mic Volume When Streaming to decrease or mute.

Thrive Assistant:
I haven’t tried thrive assistant yet with 3.4.1. In 3.4.0 it gave weather reports for someplace other than where I’m at. If I asked it who was the 35th president it would freeze up and not answer. Android reported that Thrive was utilizing 12% CPU and frequently crashing.

Tap Gesture:
No changes here, just the 4 options (if you count none as an option). I didn’t expect any changes with a minor release. It would be nice to be able to select a memory with a tap gesture.

Out of curiosity I read the reviews in the Apple store for Thrive, they are about the same as in Google Play. I don’t think the grass is any greener on the other side. I asked my AuD about this and they agreed, there is no real difference between the two operating systems as far as Thrive is concerned.

Reviews for Thrive seemed to average about 2.5 stars. I can agree with that. It really should be much higher.

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Maybe this will help.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough. I have the Thrive app and have been using for a few years. I just didn’t get an option to update in the Apple Store when I sent my last message. BUT, it now has the option to update which I’m updating… Thanks for the headsup!

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