Starkey Table Microphone Question

Does anyone have experience with the Starkey Table Microphone in a restaurant setting?

I had one until I walked off and left it in a restaurant it worked fairly well. I used it in some meetings also. It was useful but it was not perfect. It has some directional ablities you can preset. It can be used as a TV streaming device also but the Starkey TV streamer works better. Hope this is helpful.

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I have one and it works great. I have had great success with it in a restaurant setting. I place on a lantern so it is raised up on the table slightly to prevent it from getting stuff on it. It opened up a very good tool to aid with the challenges of eating out and hearing the group members talking. Hope this helps.

I use the Roger On in table mode. My Roger program is set for strong NoiseBlock.

This works well for me in loud restaurants:

  1. I try to sit with my back to the noise.

  2. I put the Roger On straight ahead of me, with the usb port pointing at me

  3. I mute my hearing aid mics, so all sound is coming from the Roger.

  4. I use the MyRoger app to only have pie slices active that match people i want to hear.

I can hear about as well as anybody at the table.


Thank you for your replies. I think I am going to try one.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: with it.