Starkey T2 App

Hopefully I have put this in the right area - still learning the ropes on posting stuff.

I’m trialing a pair of Starkey Evolv IIC NW at the moment and I discovered the T2 app on the Apple store. I’ve played around with it a little but I can’t figure out if the adjustments need to be made to each ear individually or one adjustment in either ear makes the adjustment for both.

I’m assuming individual adjustments as the devices are not wireless.

Is this correct?


What a strange app*. I think you’d have to try something like raising the volume quite a bit to see if it affect one or both ears. With the contortions involved, I can’t image it would only affect one.

*With these not being wireless, I guess this is their alternate method, but I’m sure a button press would be much easier.

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I raised the volume to almost max on my phone and swiped the volume/memory buttons and then held it directly in front of me. The tones played and then I got the confirmation tones in both ears and the new settings were in place.

It seems to be a bit of hit and miss though - sometimes I’ll only get the confirmation tone and settings change in one ear while the other remains the same. And then other times I’ll get the confirmation tone but the voice will say “telephone” in the left ear and “outdoor” in the other; so in those instances I need to turn the volume down and put the phone up to one ear and change the setting individually until it matches the other.

Not a perfect app by any means, but better than nothing I guess.

Maybe getting your button(s) reprogrammed would be a a more satisfactory method. You have functions you can do if you have one button on each aid. I use short press on Right for Vol+ and short press on Left for Vol-. Then long press on one to Change Programs and long press on the other for Mute.

Thanks for that, and my apologies - I just realized that I said I have CIC NW when in fact I have IIC. However, I am waiting on a trial pair of CIC Wireless, so I will remember what you said about the buttons.


The T2 app is really old, 2015, last updated 2018. I doubt that’s supposed to work with your Evolv HAs.

I use the Starkey Thrive app with my Evolv AI 2400 RIC R HAs.

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