Starkey SurfLink Wireless Hearing Aid Programmer

Does anyone know the cost of the Starkey SurfLink Wireless Hearing Aid Programmer?

I think it would only be available to registered Hearing Aid dispensers but still like to know the price.

Go to EBay. Use Search to zero in on a search that mostly shows your item of interest. Then scroll down and check the box in the left panel that says Sold-Listings.


Like this search for Starkey SurfLink programmer.

I’m sure I can find a spare one if you’re desperate for it.

Found 2, one went for $102.50 the other $410.00, that’s the one I bid on but lost.

I bought one a few years back. I think it was closer to $400 than $100 but I can’t recall. They are pretty rare. Also, I think the newer instruments use a different programmer. The Surflink programmer is 900MHz while I’m guessing the new ones are 2.4GHz. I bought mine from eBay UK and had it sent to North America. The frequencies are different here but the programmer has two radios in it that auto-select the correct band.

BTW, 900MHz has some great advantages such as range and an uncluttered spectrum. It’s pretty impressive. Like whole-house coverage impressive. Try that with Bluetooth.

I was looking for a Starkey Surflink programmer when I got my ha’s. I finally gave up because they are impossible to find.

What I ended up doing was buying a usb hi-pro as listed elsewhere on this website, and then I found the right connection cables on e-bay. For my Starkey i2400muse, I needed a Starkey straight purple cable. I found them on ebay, kind of expensive, but they are Starkey, high quality, and work just fine.

I’m happier that I bought the hi-pro over a Surflink because it will work with many more brands of hearing aids. This was a much better way to go than the Starkey only Surflink. All I need is the appropriate cable.

Does that programmer do all the same things the Surflink programmer would? Where did you get the software for Starkey? I’d love to be able to adjust my i2400 Muse on the fly.

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Yes, it does everything the Surflink does only you’re connected with a cable. But other than that, it’s all the same. I got the software through this forum. It’s been a while since I got it.

Do a search and there is probably a link to it somewhere.

You need 2 files. One called Starkey setup .exe and patientbase setup.exe. It also did a update after I installed it. Same exact Starkey hearing aid program used at my audiologist except they use a different patient database.

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Thanks I got the software from the thread here. I’ll check it out! I can’t stand not being able to tinker with these techno-ears.

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