Starkey Surflink Remote: Buyer beware!

re: Battery replacement for a Starkey Surflink Remote:

If you reside in the USA when it comes time to replace your battery in your Starkey Surflink Remote it will cost you almost 1/2 the cost of purchasing a new one!

Even though the actual battery a Lithium CF234044 only cost $1.37, it is currently not available for purchase in the USA.

Starkey has it controlled so that the entire unit must be sent back to their factory to change the battery.

So far, the best price I could find to have this battery replaced is $130. [This price quote was via a third party repair center]

For years various Audis have been pushing me to purchase this remote, and now I wish they would have told me the “hidden costs” of replacing the battery.

Wow that doesn’t seem right…

How is that different than buying a phone with a non-removable battery?

I guess the big difference is that with a phone you can watch youtube videos to learn how to remove a non-removable battery and then buy one on eBay, or Amazon.

Not something I look forward to when my two years are up. Hopefully there will be a solution before mine craps out.

Have you tried a charge and stream cable? You can find them on eBay and Amazon just for the Surflink.