Starkey Surflink Programmer Unit

Does anyone have a Starkey Surflink programmer that you will sell…and/or knowledge of where one can be found…? I appreciate any information that you can provide to me. Thank you.

Are you trying to bypass getting one from the manufacturer? If you are not an audiologist or HIS, they may not sell you one as programming should be completed by a trained professional. Thank you

scott7210: Have a look here or here.

I want the option of both…unfortunately the HA business conducted by many audiologists and HIS’s is not conducive to budgeting a reasonable cost. In addition, travelling over and over again to a designated individual can be more than inconvenient. Many people are intelligent enough to process and apply the necessary information with respect to self-programming, and are wise enough to ensure they are cautious and not taking any potential risk that might cause harm. Wired options are used by many individuals posting and asking questions in these forums, but I would prefer the wireless option if the device can be found at a reasonable price. Thank you.

TY…we’ll see how this works out… :wink:

I understand your concerns with budget and travel- being under an audiologists care is more than just buying an instrument- its continued testing follow-up and care to your instruments. I recommend direct connect hearing aids (pair through your android or iPhone) that allow you to personalize the settings. You can find direct connect hearing aids for as low as $2000. Thanks,

He is looking for a programmer, it has nothing to do with direct or indirectly connection.

Have you tried ebay? There used to be few for ssle. I found universal wireless programmer Noahlink wireless. Can be used only with latest aid s, though.

Totally agree with you. I had aids programmed by an audiologist for free, but still.want to be able to do some minor tunings on my own. Why would I go to audiologist to decrease Tv adapter a bit? Shouldn’t I be allowed to do it myself? In the end, who knows my hearing better than myself?