Starkey Surflink Mobile

I just got my Surflink Mobile device today. I just spend the afternoon “playing around” with it. It is as advertised. The streaming is great, hands free telephone, external mics. I can’t wait to let my patients try it out. I am in NYC, if you are interested in more details PM me.

Glad to hear they are shipping again. Also glad it works as advertised. As long as that’s true, it may be worth the wait.

In another thread I wrote: "I have about two years, two CIC Starkey S Series, and now I am most looking forward to the new series wireless Particular Surflink.

There anyone of you who use it to listen to the TV? How to listen? The 2 audio (the normal air and what can be heard through the surflink) overlap? And noise / dialogues surrounding (wife speaking children, intercom that sounds etc. …) You continue to feel or be excluded?

You may grant my requests? Is there a way to use the Mobile Surflink with my current CIC (adding wireless receiver etc…)?


I just got mine today. Here is a link to the manual. I have not made 15 posts so can’t post the manual link. Check and public and pdfs.

The box comes with the device, charging cable (USB to a micro usb connector), a USB to plug-in charging adapter (100 to 240V), the manual (nice but I prefer the pdf version on my large computer monitor), a lanyard if you prefer to hang it around your neck (I use my shirt pocket), a stereo cable to the charging port (the port is used for charging and also for the wired input using this cable), and finally a little belt-clip adapter.

I haven’t hooked it up so a review will have to wait a little while. So excited to get it. There are two microphones (directional and omni).

I also have the regular surf media device which I control with the deluxe remote. I use it to transmit audio from my PC and from my ham radio transceiver. I have the touch switches on my Wi aids disabled. I prefer the remote.

cheers, ron (columbus, ohio)

After an interminable wait, I finally got my Surflink Mobile today, and my first impression is that I am underwhelmed. I will put it through its paces this weekend, and report/review next week. So far, it has been unable to hold the bluetooth signal from my Bionic phone. It also is having difficulty holding the streaming signal from my TV from ten feet. It also doesn’t come with a cord for TV streaming, I had to buy one. Radio Shack doesn’t carry them, and so I had to go to Sam Ash. In fairness, however, you can buy them on Amazon for about one dollar. I was so looking forward to this device. Very disappointing first impression.

thamks, cosmo

useful. report

You can buy Y cables on Amazon to charge and and stream the Surflink at the same time.