Starkey Surflink Mobile?

A question for the Starkey experts - I just saw on the Starkey Pro website something called “Surflink Mobile”. Is this the long awaited bluetooth device for the Wi series? Says it will be available May 2012 - but I was hoping someone might have a littel bit of advanced info on this.


I heard a Starkey inside sales rep say their Bluetooth solution for the Wi Series should be available by late May. This could be the same product.

EDIT: a quick Google search turned up this PDF from Micro Tech, the Starkey brand I use. Their Mobility Series is the same as the Wi series. From that page:

• New SurfLink Mobile — our small touchscreen remote that
enables easy cell phone and entertainment
streaming with any device that has a bluetooth connection
• Hands-free connectivity to phones: Enables Mobility
hearing aids to be be used as the telephone microphone
— no need to hold anything up to hear or talk
• Acts as a conference mic or assisted listening device

Also, Starkeypro mentions it here.

Both site indicate a May release.

EDIT2: I am not a Starkey expert, just a user.

will be good listen music mp3 ?

For listening to music, the current Surflink Media should work. If youare using a portable device, perhaps the rumored Surflink Mobile would work, but it has not been released. I had heard it would be available late May in the US. The links I provided earlier seem to indicate May too.

Thanks for providing this info Prodigy, looking forward to the reviews on this!

I just got Micro Tech Mobility aids ( Wi i110) a few weeks ago. I have been using the Surflink Remote, but I have not used the Surflink Media other than to test it. My current home theater system only had analog outputs and does not output any digital inputs. My TV & Blu-Ray are both digital inputs :frowning:

If the Surflink Mobile is reasonably priced, I may get one.

BTW, by HIS says he is going on training for this in mid-May.

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These messages are driving me away from this ofrum. That may be why ZCT is gone now :frowning:

Was tested today for the ups/downs of my hearing loss and was measured and have the aid ordered. According to the technician that was assisting me it is bluetooth capable. The remote also has an mp3 plug and much more. I’m frankly amazed at the distance they’ve come since having gotten my chunky monkey some years ago. Google StarkeyPro Surflink Accessories the link should take you directly to the goods.

But the Surflink Mobile that will provide Bluetooth still has not been released, has it? Starkey’s website still says May 2012.

the Surflink Media is 900 MHz wireless, not Bluetooth.

Not yet, and they are acting like they’re Apple or something. Their annual sales meeting was this week, and they are talking about how great Surflink Mobile will be. It would be shocking if they don’t announce both Surflink Mobile and a new wireless aid within the next few weeks.

I hope any future developments with SURFLINK are better that what I have experienced with my TV system…Which is GARBAGE!!!

The sound is tinny and fades in and out and is nowhere near what I can get on my MP3 without HA. I’ve reverted to my SONY RF headphones for comfortable listening.
After six months of use, I’m extremely disappointed with the overall performance of the Look units and in hindsight, wished that I’d pushed for a trial period because I would have returned them and saved myself $5000.

Truly miffed!!!

Just an update for those still looking for the Starkey Surflink Mobile, I called Starkey this morning and was informed that they plan to release the Surflink Mobile on May 10 to the VA, and that the remainder of the rollout should occur by June 1. I would take this info with a grain of salt, although it seems consistent with everything that has been posted so far.

I’d be interested to hear whether this is actually going to happen in the US, given the slippage of the UK release date to September.

I heard that as well about the Surflink Mobile. That is the one that the VA is issuing me according to the tech. I’m not scheduled for a fitting until July however. Would much prefer sooner date, but it’s the VA so I feel lucky to get July as a date.

A friend of mine was told by his audi that Starkey isn’t going to release it until end of Sept, first part Oct. This really has him upset because he bought Starkey HA because of the Surflink and was told in November, when he got the HA that he would be getting it in early 2012, and he’s now past his trial period so he can’t return the aids, which he would have done had Starkey been up front about the release date.

That’s curious. Starkey’s professional page here implies it may already be available, but there appears to no mention of it on their consumer site.

That’s what has him ticked off. Starkey says one thing on their site and then the audiologist he’s going to tells him a different story. The last time he went in for further adjustments (last week) they had the rep on the phone to help sort out and adjust the problems he’s having and the rep confirmed the delay in the release and Sam told him the HA’s will have 1/4 of their expected life gone without the one item he wanted and was promised when he bought the Starkey’s in Oct 2011. He’s not a happy camper!

As far as my HIS knows, he will still be going to training in the middle of this month. I may find out more when I see him on Monday.

Seb and Prodigyplace, thanks for the updates. I put in my daily phone call to Starkey today, and was told that they are now taking orders for the Surflink Mobile, but estimated a shipping date of the beginning of June, on a first come first serve basis. He also told me that they have released the S series which is the same as the Wi except it has new case styles and a new compression algorithm.

Anyway, I have a call into my audiologist to see whether she can order it for me. We’ll see.

Are they reusing models? The S Series was replaced by the X Series last fall, but they were still selling the S Series at a slightly reduced price.

Perhaps he meant the 3 Series.

My HIS missed a Starkey phone call that he assumes is about his training. He will ask about the Surflink Mobile, so I may have more information after my visit late Monday.

Yes, that was my mistake. I wrote down 3 series, but typed S series.