Starkey Surflink Mobile Firmware updates

Hi All,

Been a while since I was last on this board. A couple of years ago I updated the firmware on my Surflink Mobile device. I think there may be a new version out there but I don’t remember where I downloaded the file from to install. Can’t seem to find it on the starkey website. Anyone where where I can download the file from ?



Thank you Hear293!!!

Forgot to ask. Does anyone know if this firmware update is for the new surlflink mobile 2.0 device only? Can I use this on my original surflink mobile device.

The 2.0 firmware can be applied to older SurfLink Mobiles. You’ll get the new interface, but not extended battery life.

One of these should cover you.

Thanks rasmus_braun. Long time no see, been a while.

Just thought of another question. Will upgrading the firmware on the older surflink mobile give me any performance improvements in terms of interference? or does that require the new 900-sync as well.

You have to use the SurfLink Mobile in conjunction with the new Z Series products to get improvements in connection quality and streaming range. That’s because of the new radio and antenna inside the Z Series.

Thought so. Thanks!

How did the update go? Any comments