Starkey s series T2 Remote adj

Starkey has whats called T2 remote adjustment of volumn using a touch tone type phone. My question… If I make a volumn adj. Does it stay that way (permanent) or will it default back to where it was originally set when I take them off at night and turn them back on the next morning?

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I have heard (from my audi) that the T2 just doesn’t always work.

And you have to hold the phone a few inches from your ear to change the volume. Sounds like a pain in the ass to me

Sorry, I meant to post that under the “Starkey Tech” thread.

I would imagine that that volume change would not be permanent. It would revert back to default upon power-up.

I am just now trying it. Iy does seem to work, But… I was told that the hearing aid would go back to where it was originally set when you turn it off. Mine seems to be staying where it is…

Okay… My bad… It did seem to revert back to default. It did work but I have 4 programs on my S series and I was on program #1 … Cut the volumn down and it worked but it cut the volumn down on All 4 programs. Thats a problem.. Im going to have it disabled . I don`t think it should do that.

When I trialed Starkey, I tried T2 it quirky and difficult as well as having to change both HA independently.

It was not practical, I ended up giving the Starkey back and went to Costco for the Bernafon Verite, been much happier ever since

I have a few patients who really like it, but the majority don’t use it. It can be unreliable and the volume level changes need to be in bigger steps.

There is a learning curve with it, but for most patients, it’s just an unecessary feature.

dr. amy

Could you please explain this?

Do you mean that the aid adjust the volumet automatically so mose of the patients don’t use it?

It is strange that this does not work well given that starkey says their tech is evidence based. … Maybe this is one of those bright ideas on paper. Got to give it to them for trying

It would be a true loss for Starkey’s new wireless technology to be introduced with T2 in it’s present state.

Surely there have been improvements, I did not a write up on their web site regarding the new wireless… When was it to be released?

Not exactly. The majority of my patients don’t use volume controls at all. Patients who have had true volume controls in the past, tend to still want one out of habit. But most “new” users are happy with multiple programs and therefore don’t need a volume control.

For example, one program may be used in situations where they need the aid “louder”, but the combination of features that are activated do other things as well, such as controlling wind noise or feedback or background noise. I find that patients are happier with the program change than they would be by simply adjusting the volume (essentially turning everything up, including noise).

If patients want a VC, i’m more than happy to give them one, like with T2. But just like Starkey’s Sweep technology, there is a learning curve for both the user and their audi. For example, is the patient tapping when they should be sweeping or sweeping when they should be tapping? In a typical setup, sweeping indicates a volume change and tapping indicates a program change. But it’s easy to get confused and therefore not be getting it right.

Hope I explained myself correctly, even though i’m not talking, i feel that was long-winded :smiley:

dr. amy

I think it is truly evidence based, but because it operates on the basis that the aid can hear the DTMF tones of the phone, it can be unreliable in noisy environments. It operates on the audible signal, not in a wireless fashion. I think that is the root of the problem with T2…

dr. amy

I have a pair of Starkey S Series, one is RIC and another is RIC AP.

The Starkeys are good at noisy places, but the volume may not be high enough in office settings because peoples there tend to speak softly. The T2 function is very useful because it allows me to turn up the volume if required, without buying and carrying another remote control.

The problem with T2 is that it only works in a quiet room setting, not in noisy or open places. Generally, I have used the four available programs indirectly as volume control for different environments.

If I anticipate that I will need a higher volume than the preset programs, I have to turn up the volume using T2 well in advance. One of my preset program is a very low volume setting, so that I can take rest when the volumes for all the four programs have been turned up using T2.

And how are the aids working with you ?

Hi Stream2525,

I have been using Starkey mini BTE Series 5 (no IQ) for half a year, reasonably good fit after adjustment for two or three time.

Previously, I only use one HA because I have to answer the phone with my unaided ear. The closed dome RIC allow me to answer the phone (cell phone / landline with amplifier), and provide the amplification of high frequency sound on that side.

I had been using Widex Vita on the other ear, now the Starkey RIC AP (custom ear mold). The AP allow amplification of low to high frequency sounds.

I think that the high frequency sound with closed dome RIC is better than the RIC AP. However, my hearing loss is moderate to severe and need the amplification of low frequency sound with custom ear mold.

The Starkeys are much more comfortable than the big BTE with custom mold, and the feedback control is excellent. They are very good.

However, the Widex Vita’s volume control is on board and can be adjusted easily, so I am still using Widex for important meetings and as a backup.

I had asked my audi to turn up the amplification of low frequency sound on the RIC AP (as for my Widex), but they were too loud and the high frequency sound were muffled. Reducing the low frequency amplification help to increase clarity. Then I use the four available programs to store different volume / directional mic settings.

The closed dome RIC was initially set up to amplify mainly high frequency sounds. Subsequently, my audi turn up the volume on the middle frequency too and it help. But the closed dome RIC cannot work alone for me, it require the amplification of low frequency sound from the RIC AP on my other ear.

Hope this may help with your trial of S Series IQ 9 CIC. May be you can try the RIC or RIC AP, they cost less, are easier for maintenance, and may have less occulsion effect.

I dont see that Starkey aids are different from the others at all. All this stuff about the IQ and power is not true at least for me so far.

If you raise the power for me and I don’t get clear counds they reduce the power !!! How will I benift from the aids then ?? I need the power becasue I have very severe hearing loss .

They could increase the power in the low freqnecies without problem but I need the power in the hight frequencies.

Is it the aids or my hearing loss??

Why do I still hear the voices but cant understand??

Is there a problem with my hearing neveres ?? If so, why do I have to weaar hearing aids when I will still don’t understand better? Is it so I can hear the car horns in the streets ??

I can use to T2 in one ear and the other is not working ?? Why ??

But even with the ear I can increase the colume with I had to decrease it again because the sound was terrible and annoying.

This is so much frustration.

I will try them for few more days then will write my evaluation again.

then it was never properly tested… To bad it does not work…
Seem like a good idea… I wonder is it posible to have a remote
control app in the iphone?

The T2 is working with me even is moderate noisy backgrounds. Only in very noisy backgrounds it doesn’t responde.

I use T2 all the time, mostly because music sounds horrible in the car when I am in normal program #1. It works great in quiet or near quiet environments and not at all when there’s moderate to loud noise. It’s a bit of a pain because each ear needs to be adjusted individually. I do recommend a different voice in each ear to avoid confusion. I also do wish that they had an app for BlackBerry like they do for Android and iPhone.

In this era of great Apps is there some reason this App has NO graphical representation of volume or memory program selected? Seems absurd you can’t see the selected program or volume level.