Starkey Remote Mic Plus won't pair with hearing aids

Hi. I recently started using Starkey Genesis AI 24 hearing aids, I’m pretty happy with them in general. I wanted to be able to stream audio to them from Android devices, so I bought the Starkey Remote Mic +. Since these go for around $400 I found a used one on Ebay for much less than that. However, it won’t pair with my hearing aids. I’ve tried doing the reset where you press and hold all 3 buttons on the Remote Mic, but that doesn’t help. Is there anything else I can try, perhaps via the USB port on the device? Since I bought the item used I don’t think there’s any warranty. Any suggestions?

Did you perform the reset process in that way you can see in the video on this Starky website ?

Yes, I should have mentioned, I have tried the reset procedure several times. The device will pair with my phone but not with my HAs.

Well, I just got off the phone with Starkey tech support and it seems that this version of the remote mic + is too old - serial number starts with “20” and it needs to start with “23” to be compatible with my HAs. I wish they changed the name or something (Remote Mic 2) to make this more obvious! Does anyone have a use for this thing? - I’ll sell it to you for a good price.

most e bay sellers will accept a return, I would see if you can get something back from the seller. e bay also will work as a middle man . You need to tell the seller it did not work.