Starkey Muse i2400 micro RIC 312t problems

I recently purchased my first hearing aids just over a week ago and am already experiencing problems. Today while at work the left ear suddenly went silent, however after fussing with the receiver the volume came back albeit intermittently. Additionally when I place my left hand near my ear I’m getting a feedback sound. My audiologist will be out of town the next two weeks so I’m hoping others can help me sort the problem out.
I do perspire a lot while working so my hair and undoubtedly the devices are damp. There doesn’t appear to be any visible damage to the unit or the connecting tubes nor do I see any wax accumulation.
Thanks for any responses.

A hearing aid drier is a good idea if you perspire often. Just pop them in the drier each night. Amazon has a bunch of listings. Aside from that I would say you need to follow up with audiologist. Might be a lemon. My first pair had to be replaced due to similar issues.